The rocking journey with me!

Man and wife together with some amount of happiness (wishful thinking isn’t it)! Yes it is. But in this case, it was true. There was surely some amount of happiness between the two. The seat belts were tied up and with smiles on their faces they embarked on a long journey on a highway. Soon the smiles were out of the window and a battle took over. The battle of the remote of the music system. She played “I’m leaving on a jet plane” — John Denver swaying with the music, as she closed her eyes and started to drift into the melody; and then suddenly he changed the song and played “I’m on a highway to hell” — Led Zepplin. Oh wow, the jeep was rocking with the highway to hell. And he was zipping on the road. She changed to a love song by Lionel RichieNothing s gonna change my love for u and he changed it to Pink Floyd – “Time” and zoomed.

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Binge Worthy Movies During Lockdown

Making the best of the time in hand during the lock down which started on 21st March, I watched a few … okay a lot of movies and web series online. After all the work from home business woman, work from home mom, work from home wife and all the other work from homes, I did manage taking out some good ‘Me Time’.

So here they are just a few I liked and are worth mentioning.

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