Geetanjali Kaul with son Vivan Kaul

Are we ever ready to let go?

All our motherhood period we look for ‘Me Time’ and time out for ourselves, not knowing that one day when it hits, there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Well, here I’m with a lot of ‘Me Time’ and guess what I don’t want it now! My eldest turned 17 and is raring to go out to do all that adults do and become an independent ‘Man’.  But the question is – Am I ready to let go?  Continue reading Are we ever ready to let go?


When my husband & I answered questions on love

My friend Harshika Daryanani wanted to do a story on couples who’re in very different phases of marriage. For this she desired that Ashish and I tell her our definition of Love, so that she could study and share if love changes with time, or if distance makes any difference in the lives of couples? Here’s how we – Ashish and I replied to her questionnaire:

My Answers

  1. How did you guys meet? What was the first thing that struck you?

Ans:  We met through our parents. It is an arranged marriage. The first thing that struck me was that his mother i.e now my Mum-in-Law was just like an angel. She was so full of dignity, grace and love… got me thinking if the mom is so good, the kid would be so too. And yes he did not prove me wrong. The same dignity, grace and love I feel even now after 20 years of my marriage.

  1. What does the term “Love” mean to you?

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Rajnikanth in politics

Rajnikanth, will reel actors be real actors!

There is a noticeable trend that all the beauty pageant winners end up in Bollywood and eventually almost all Bollywood biggies end up in politics. Do they serve any good to Bollywood or politics? Even in last general elections lots of people from films contested from different constituencies. Some lost, some won, as expected. The ones who won were Hema Malini, Kiron Kher, Paresh Rawal, Vinod Khanna, Moonmoon Sen, Shatrughan Sinha among others.

Losers included Gul Panag, Rakhi Sawant, Ravi Kishen, Smriti Irani, Bappi Lahiri, Nagma, Mahesh Manjreker, Prakash Jha, Raj Babbar and Javed Amongst them Smriti Irani still became a minister having been already in the Upper House. It is rare that these Bollywood people have any political blood. Still, they manage the right contacts to enter politics. But for what? Continue reading Rajnikanth, will reel actors be real actors!