As the doctor told me, ”Don’t panic, but look for an Oxygen bed in any hospital”, I was like OMG!!!

This is it. If I go to the hospital, I may not come back.

That opened all the floodgates and my mind started racing. Well, as I told my family to look for a bed, the gates to panic hell also opened, but naturally.

In the past one and a half years after hearing so many stories of patients not coming back home, me going to hospital was the ultimate hit home hard feel. Though I knew I would be cared for and my family would bring me back home, but … there was a BUT!

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2020 – The Rat Race called Social Media

As we enter into the New Year, let me begin with some good wishes for all of you. May 2021 be a promising year for the industry and may well being prevail in all.

2020 has seen many changes in multiple ways. What I observed the most was the chase to be seen, be successful and be heard online. All brands small or big were taking part in this race for who is greater on social media? Budgets varied from low to high to very low and everyone struggled to survive the slump.

Somehow in this whole race we seem to have forgotten why social media was created in the first place!!!

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