How to Tackle Brain Fog!!!

I’m happy to say that I’m out of my post Covid symptoms (well almost all). Believe me …It is a tough phase, and it really pulls you down.

Physical energy is almost back to normal, mental status is also almost back. Post illness, a Brain Fog surrounds you, and it is very difficult to do anything. It took me 15 days to be comfortable behind a wheel … and to remember the ways around, as I forgot and got lost often.

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As the doctor told me, ”Don’t panic, but look for an Oxygen bed in any hospital”, I was like OMG!!!

This is it. If I go to the hospital, I may not come back.

That opened all the floodgates and my mind started racing. Well, as I told my family to look for a bed, the gates to panic hell also opened, but naturally.

In the past one and a half years after hearing so many stories of patients not coming back home, me going to hospital was the ultimate hit home hard feel. Though I knew I would be cared for and my family would bring me back home, but … there was a BUT!

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