My Vice Head Boy

Whatever people may say, kids have their own ways to pay back parents. We may doubt them or our parenting but when the time is right the kids do shine out. Isn’t that a moment we all long for?

Did you cause an accident!

Do you need reasons to thank God! Accidents are just reminders. But God doesn’t need a thank you. Keep your mind in the right place.

Movie Time – India Box Office

All of a sudden, they start giving sermons, appear in interviews, look philosophical, and even laugh at comedy shows. It’s then you realize a new movie is ready for release with the said actor in the lead. So, any guesses for the new releases this week!

Startups & Branding

Truly, a lot can happen over coffee. New friendships and random musings may be the end result. When she asked me, “What do you do?” I did feel some amount of pride in saying, I’m the Founder of a Startup.

Movie Time – India Box Office

The Nanavati case comes alive once more. This is the third time Bollywood has made a film on his life. Neeraj Pandey produces ‘Rustom’ with Akshay in the lead. We also have Ashutosh Gowarikar and Hrithik Roshan this week who take us 2500 years behind to the first civilization of the Indus Valley. Theatres are bound to be busy this weekend. Enjoy!

Movie Time – India Box Office

Book adaptations are the most risky films as they are judged by the people and always compared to the original. This week we have Jason Bourne a spy thriller, based on book series by the author Robert Ludlum. We also have a bunch of other movies releasing this Friday. In all a good weekend. Enjoy.

Movie Time – India Box Office

Are your trying to be a perfect mom… or are you done…! WHICHEVER. Get out of the damn house, now. Liberate yourself from your household responsibilities for leisure.