Movie Review: The Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan And The Dirty PictureAt the first glance, the film’s promos with a fat Vidya Balan dancing boldly with a man twice her age – Naseeruddin Shah – brought a smile to my face.

Then, the rhythm of ‘ooh laa laa, ooh laa laa’ and the fancy sets took me back in time to the smashing 80s.

Polka dots, coloured mud urns, curly hair, fat heroines, actors with fat bellies, apples and lemons in the fields, beads in the hair and the bodice and dancing in the rain dominated the films in those glorious years. And here, ‘The Dirty Picture’ had all this. Bingo!

It’s a simple story of an ambitious girl who learns the tricks of the trade at the right age and rises to stardom. It’s a true story of the South Indian actress Silk Smitha (2 December 1960 – 23 September 1996) who got a break in 1979 as SILK in a Tamil movie Vandi Chakkaram and then there was no looking back for her.

‘The Dirty Picture’ shows how dirty the world can be and how vulnerable people can be. Vidya Balan, I think, has done a fantastic job and shed all inhibitions. She has made history with this film and will be remembered always for this. Or has she opened the flood-gates for female-dominated films in the Bollywood?

It’s a tough job to portray a real life character as people tend to compare. But, she has shed vanity and nailed it to perfection. Naseeruddin as a lecherous established actor is excellent as always. Beginning from where he ended in Ishqiya, he’s drooling over women throughout in the movie and is as dirty as can be.

What I loved about this girl Silk is that she learns to survive in this dirty world and never gives up till the end.

‘The Dirty Picture’ has created ripples in the industry and has taken them over in a storm. It could have been a little more dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtyyyyyyyy…


5 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Dirty Picture

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  2. RE….YEAH..IT SURELY IS A TOHFAA TOHFAA TOHFAA …… so well they have adapted and taken us back to that same era of coloured matkas and polka dots and as you said “non zero size”…hee hee…..the ever so happening times of Jetendra,sridevi,jaya prada and so many more….
    thanks and keep writing.


  3. Then, the rhythm of ‘ooh laa laa, ooh laa laa’ and the fancy sets took me back in time to the smashing 80s.

    yes.. ooh la la….suchhh a brilliant take off on the ’80’s… this song has raised many temperatures tho… :)))

    this dirty picture is a ‘tohfaa…tohfaa…tohfaa..tohfaaa…’ from the era of non-size-zero…!!!


  4. ya RUPALI vidya has totally outdone herself……. she has created history…….. and will always be remembered for her work in this…….. thanks a lot for your feedback…………cheers.


  5. … VB has outdone herself and everyone.. Im not a big fan of hers but the first time i saw the movie promo i thot she has carrie dit with aplomb… i was intrigued that she would do such a role and do it with such grace…. The real Silk Smita was actually no where as attractive ( according to me but obviously the men had a very different opinion).. as a movie i thought it was a bit pointless … she seemed to be a girl who played the game and lost hope at the first signs of losing … did nt play it smart enough…. but as a performance it was a stunning performance… like Ranbeer in rockstar…. Naseer ke baare mei kuch kehna is like suraj ko chirag dikhana… I did think the script could have been more powerful , more introspective but they chose to be superficial… the only part i thot was a very well symbolized is that fan she kisses and says that u r my good luck.. and when her movie is about to flop she in unable to see him…. Over all i enjoyed a lot….


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