Meri Duniya Hai Maa Tere Aanchal Mein

A hot cup of coffee at 7 pm after a tiring day with lots of driving is what I wanted. So with my cuppa I sat on my sofa, glancing through the newspaper pulled my feet up. Some where I could hear kids playing and the idiot box was on with no viewers.

Suddenly then I heard the haunting, smooth, melodious voice of S. D. Burman humming which caught all my attention. And I was surprised to see that it was an advertisement of a few seconds which had me mesmerised and I had tears in my eyes. And the legendary man S. D. Burman spread his magic and sang ‘meri duniya hai maa, tere aanchal mein’.

In a few seconds, he took me 1000 kms away to my mother and I had tears in my eyes. True, blessed are those who live with their parents and get to spend some time with them. It is so strange that when I was living with my mother, I never used to listen to her and never took her advice and learnt the harder way.

Now that I don’t get to see her so often or speak with her as much as I would want to I miss her so much. Winters remind me of cooking in the garden aaloo matar aur dher saara matar under the tamarind tree on fire. The smell is still fresh in my memory. And so many more things!

Aah, those were the days of fun and frolic and food which I miss the most. The days when food used to be laid on the table and tea was served in bed, nice and hot… brings a smile on my face each time I think about those days. How she used to wait on the door for me to come home from school and how my blabbering would start off as soon as I saw her. She was always there from the minute I opened my eyes till she sung me a lullaby and tucked me in bed.

But how we take them for granted and now I see the new generation doing the same. So people get going. Your folks need you now more than ever and as I write this, I can hear Burman’s song haunting in my ears – ‘meri duniya hai maa tere anchal mein, sheetal chhaya hai dukh ke jangal mein’.

The song for you to hear: Click Here.

Meri Duniya


14 thoughts on “Meri Duniya Hai Maa Tere Aanchal Mein

  1. Such a beautiful song, even if I don’t understand the words, I feel the emotion. Very moving. I saw that on YouTube I can buy the song on iTunes. I may just do that. Thank you for taking a peek at my blog. I think I will subscribe to you.


    • oh yeah……… he s one of the best and he haunts me every now and then………..
      there s so much depth in his voice …..takes u to a diff world…………..
      thanks ………….


  2. very beautiful n very true… we dont realise what our parents have done for us till we become parents ourselves and THEN realise how difficult it is to do even 1/10th of what our parents did for us!!!!


  3. hahahahahahahah………. yes RUPALI……….. very soon i will……. my daddy bestest too………. this was inspired by S.D.Burman’s song ………so haunting still running in my mind……….. thanks a lot for all your inputs………….


  4. hahahahahaa… thats so true rupali. we do tend to take our parents for granted and later regret.

    @ashish……. bang on target..BINGO…….!

    @NITIN…….thanks for your kind words…. its so true…. mom rules…..:)


  5. ….the more things change more they remain the same… we took our mom for granted ( to be honest i continue to do so) and now our kids do… that is the right of each child and the beauty of this relationship….. my mom always says that a girl and a mom become friends once the daughte gets married … becoz thats when you realize how much goes into being the anchor of a house …. as usual she was bang on…. my mum is my best friend and worst critic …. if she approves i know its ok because she will never let me do something that world tarnish my image or jepardize my future …. Love u mom !!! …. btw the song is one of SD s masterpieces and fabulous because it is sung in its heartbreaking heart wrenching rustic voive.Thanks gee.

    … the ad is also very well done… it is so typical for everyone to land up for home food in travelling groups / hostels…


  6. jab log is duniya me hote hai tab hum kuch unse kahate nahi……baad me unki murat ke saamne bolte rahate hai……jab dil me milne ki chahat hai….to kiski wait hai….go and meet…aatma shant


  7. True ! All the worries & worldly issues become immaterial when one spends time with his Mother. Her love, affection & caring has the power to overcome one from even the worst State of mind. With her one finds true peace in this material world.


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