She had descended on Earth 6 years, 11 months and 3 weeks ago. A lil’ bundle of joy carrying so much glee with her. But that day her heart was not happy… it was her birthday in four days time, and she was not excited… at all.

A week earlier she had been pushing, shoving, jumping around … planning a grand birthday bash … deciding the colour of her dress, the balloons, invites, menu and most importantly the packets of sweets for her school.

Aah…!!! Those were the days when it was so much fun to celebrate birthdays in the school.

She was waiting, counting days and hours for her 7th birthday to arrive. There were titillating stimulations and thrilling excitement about all the gifts she would be getting… Heart beat pumping. Well, after so many years my heart still jumps at the sight of the gifts… !!! …aaahhhh such an amazing feeling to see that packet … the gift wrapped waiting for me to open.

After all the planning and just four days before her birthday, she got a phone call. And that was it…the last thread broke and she went and sat in a corner, on a bench. She would not say a word about anything. One single tear rolled down those heavenly eyes. Her heart broke into a thousand pieces.

She announced softly, “Please cancel my party. I don’t want to celebrate my birthday. I don’t like my dress, balloons, cake, nothing.”

Okay, now this was serious! So she was asked a hundred questions but no answer. Just a sad face and slow walk. She made everyone sad and worried.

When she got back from school the next day, two and a half days away from her birthday, she cried in her mother’s lap for a long time… opened her heart and told her, “I am not celebrating because Papa said he’s not coming for my birthday.”

She had never thought that her father will not be able to come to her, for her party. How heartbroken was she!

Mommy's World

Daddy’s Girl ~ Mommy’s World

After a lot of mollycoddling persuasion she agreed to go shopping for her birthday dress.

And she fell in love with “Isabelle” where she went overboard picking up matching clips, bags, shoes, hair bands and the most awesome birthday dress.

She became a child again. O God. Her face lit up in an instant and there was a beaming smile from ear-to-ear. Such innocence and purity of heart children have!

As soon as she got home, there was another gift wrapped bundle which had come by courier to be opened by her. And lo and behold! It was magic.

As the bundle opened layers of green and blue silk spread all over and a heavenly smile on her face illuminated the Earth. Another dress. It was magic.

A sweet voice asked: “Hmmmm… Mom I was thinking that maybe I should, hmmmm can I… aaaaaaa…” A pause followed. By a request, “… Can I please have my party for my birthday?”

All hearts melted and smiles spread all over. And what followed was the best birthday party ever. Thank you God, for small mercies.



  1. my brave-heart!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Such innocence and purity of heart children have!
    yesssss, innocence….n purity of heart… well said, well said….


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