…history of a happy marriage

By Ashish Kaul

Earlier, women had no particular advantages. They simply engaged in sex. But then – million years ago – they acquired enormous benefits particularly as new mothers. Why?  Because this was a crucial time in human evolution – a time when the complications of walking favoured those women who bore their young too soon. Selection for walking had produced layer to have difficulty delivering their young. Probably many dead, yet among them were a few with the genetic bearing their young’s in a much better state.

The infant of their mother easily slipped through the birth canal and disproportionately lived to adulthood. Thus the genetic instructions for premature delivery to the female pro-to-hominid population females had to feed longer time… Protect their young for longer period. Suitors surrounded a female who beamed sexually recapturing soon after giving birth and thus protected young received the attention of a suitor everywhere. This had tremendous gains.

If a new mother came into heat, her day began with sex. When she left camp, other male followed her. Where she roamed, they followed. When she stopped, though her infant was laid down when she had sex with the male, it always remained in the centre of the group where no predator could grab it. Further more, the meals were good. If a male carted food back to camp in the evening, everyone begged, but she received extra meat- just as chimps today.

Life without these favours was much more difficult. Most new mothers had no period of heat. They struck off together in the morning carrying their club, bag, digging stick and infant. Often older males and adolescents accompanied them. But normally during the day, they depended upon themselves to protect their young.

Thus the new mother who came into heat soon often received extra meat and protection for the pact of every month. She provided sex, these profits she shared with her infant. And beams of these special benefits her baby had a better adulthood then did the infant of other mothers. More of the infant of sexier mother did live grow up, and leased passing this genetic to a greater percentage of the next generation. Solution had begun to   those unusual females who resumed sexual activity soon after delivering their young.

Link these female to those who offered sex during pregnancy received the benefit of male attention too. When meat was hauled back to a central sport, these female got more meat than did pregnant female who could not often sex. Further more, while these female aged a group of male followed. So they also got more protection of the savanna. Thus more of these female lived though the vulnerable period of pregnancy. They bore more young. Their young had these same genetic trails. And with time, female who engaged in sex during pregnancy proliferated in the pro-to-hominid population.

Last but far from least were those female who were not burdened with child rearing duties. Either they had just matured, or their children were old enough to take care of themselves and they had not yet conceived again. They travelled with the males. Among them were a few who had a slightly longer period of heat each month. They acquired more meat and more protection than females with shorter cycles. Thus they were better fed, died often of disease or predation, and produced more young. Thus the next generation received a disproportionately high number of individual who carried the genetic trait for a longer period of heat each month.

With the stimulus of constantly available sex, males or females were learning to divide their labour, to exchange meat, vegetable, to share their daily catch. Sex had begun to men and women an economic dependency for further tightening the knot.

A Happy Marriage was to follow a few million years later.

[… they twain shall be one flesh? – Holy Bible]


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  1. Aw, this was a really nice post. In concept I want to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and actual effort to make an excellent article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and in no way appear to get one thing done.


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