My favourite friend is…

Saumya Gupta

By Saumya Gupta (age 12)

The most favourite friend, my companion all through time — right when I was a kid… should I say barely six months, to be precise! I’ve known him for so long and I know he will be there in the future as well. So trusted.

He is filled with mischief, romance, gloominess and countless other emotions. Indifferent to my reactions, he’s always there, for me. He sits by my side to help me even as I study. Great buddy that he is, he whispers … chats when I have no one to talk to or play with.

He entertains me when I am bored and thrills me when – at times – I cannot express. How wide he lets me imagine, powers me with knowledge, updates me with information … O God… how he knows so much, almost everything!

I haven’t come across someone or something more social — it helps the needy, is everyone’s desire and I am very proud to call him my friend. While he can enrage some, he can be an angel to others as well.

I know, with such a keen intellect and a thirst for more knowledge, he has many friends and fans.

You may think he is my father, my brother, my granddad, any of my relatives or maybe even the “Almighty God”! So if you have a unique special friend like mine NEVER EVER lose him! Well, my secret, amazing, wonderful friend is none other than a… book!


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  1. re says:

    wonderful post, saumya, i am so impressed by yr wide vocabulary and your beautiful turn of phrase, as well as your trend of thought… “he whispers … chats when I have no one to talk to or play with.” simply beautiful!!!
    n not to forget that wonderful twist in the tale, right at the end! i am sure you have been introduced to the delightful writings of ‘Saki’ H.H.Munro who is the king of short stories with twists in the tale…n also those of jeffrey archer…if not, then now is the time!!!! enjoy… n pleaaaaseee keep writing!!!!

    1. saumya gupta says:

      thank u soooooooo much. and i will try and keep writing.

  2. Rajiv Tiwari says:

    Wow Saumya,
    Very good thoughts & choosen words.

    1. saumya gupta says:

      thank you.

  3. shyam sharda says:

    am highly impressed with the contents and thoughts…well done saumya…keep it up..

    1. saumya gupta says:

      thanks. 🙂

  4. Jasminder Singh says:

    This is amazing Saumya…Excellent writing ….Keep writing, and Yes,Books are our Best friends…

    1. saumya gupta says:

      i know! thanks

  5. Ashish Kaul says:

    my little angel…your thoughts are so nice….do keep them active. Hope to read more from you soon.

    1. saumya gupta says:

      🙂 give me another thing to write about though

  6. ashish says:

    wow ! lovely poetic thoughts you have there.Waiting to read more from you…..soon.

    1. saumya gupta says:

      i will update soon…….hopefully

      1. saumya gupta says:

        and thank you so much

  7. Amazing Article by a 12 yr old girl…..keep up d skill swthrt, long way to go, GOD BLESS !

    1. saumya gupta says:


  8. Rajeev Gupta says:

    This is such a wonderful write up Saumya. I am amazed by your understanding of the concept and your ability of putting it across so well in form of this write up. I eagerly look forward to more such thoughts from you… and don’t keep me waiting for too long :))). You are bang on when you say that the books are one’s best friends. Keep writing, Keep smiling.

    1. saumya gupta says:

      thank you!! i will update soon

  9. Prashant Rathi says:

    Such a lovely piece of article which touches ur heart. I got to learn something out of it. Rockon!!! – PASH

    1. saumya gupta says:

      🙂 thanks

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