Never Too Far Away For You To Give You A Hug, Mom !

By Ashish Kaul

So many years we have lived without expressing our love to our parents that now it is taken for granted. We meet them for the sake of our children or festivals or old age.

Very seldom we talk to them daily, the way we talk to our friends or business colleagues. People, I feel, outgrow their parents’ needs. Many make all kinds of mementos after they are no more.

Many try to get articles and biographies printed after they depart. Very caring children… I must confess.

But there are many who don’t do all this, they only stay with their parents and listen to their day to day stories.

They go and buy grocery with them. They do not allow them to pay their bills. They fight with them, on good up-bringing of  their children.

They make them sleep at night in their warm beds, in the cold night. And finally sleep in the next room with mobiles on at night, in case there is a call from the next room.

… As these cascading thoughts passed in a flash – just like that, this chilly morning – SHE had picked up her Nokia phone (by then) already… sitting alone at a cafe back home in Delhi… and I was alerted by her SMS that read – “Hi”.

O Mom, how should I thank you for this warm hug. I realise how even one small ‘hi’ can be so big a hug. How can the such touch quickly bridge a distance of 1500 kms!

There may be individual choices to stay or not to stay together with parents. There may be different and compelling circumstances, I feel.

We do express our love, affection and attachment in individual manners. Many may be happier with each other staying separately, but still attached all the more. Some parents themselves choose to live at a distance.

Surely, all are entitled to their exceptions, reservations and reasons; and if you ask me, I, as a parent, would like to be reminded every day or may be twice a day by my children as to how much do they love me.

I would insist them to call me frequently every now and then. I would definitely want them to pamper me when I grow old, in particular.

Mother's Hug Is The World's Best Medicine © gcaffe.comFrom today – it might be late in years – I’m going to pamper my mother every day, even twice a day… without any tender voice advising as to how to go about it!

I know she likes to go shopping and visit places. I know she loves cinemas, she wants to try out new stores. I might not enjoy her talking to every mall steward to find out his place of origin, but still I will not complain.

I would like to know her favourite colour, cuisine and if she wants to ride a motorcycle too!

I sincerely want her to make a wish list which I would certainly fulfil.

Last but not the least…Mom, I love you so much.


2 thoughts on “Never Too Far Away For You To Give You A Hug, Mom !

  1. awesome post…mindblowing!!!! very true n very touching… beautiful thoughts, beautifully expressed… food for thought! everyone should read this….Ashish, you express yourself really well…someone recently had expressed similar thoughts… let me find that n post it here too…


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