By Tisha Virani (age 12)

Tisha Virani. Photo © gcaffe.comThroughout the years people have taken vacations to different parts of the world to see the incredible historical landmarks and to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature.

While people go to Australia to witness the spellbinding Great Barrier Reef or to Pisa, Italy, to witness the majestic Leaning Tower or many globetrotters decide to visit Egypt’s wonder The Pyramids of Giza and the mighty Sphinx.

Sure, all these places are beautiful and majestic in their own ways.

People visit these spots to soak in all the history and the beauty, but on a trip to India they experience a culture that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

All places out of India also have their own cultures, cuisines and traditions; but what makes us unique is our diversity.

The cuisine of our country mainly includes different types of spices and sweets laden with pure ghee. We also have an array of classical dances such as Kathak in Uttar Pradesh in Northern India and Bharata Natyam in Tamil Nadu in Southern India.

Our styles of dressing also differ from place to place — like some people wear saris and dhotis in places like Central India while the people of Nagaland prefer their own tribal wear.

India being diverse makes it one of the most exquisite and tranquil places on this planet. With the Arabic Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal surrounding it on three sides and astounding places such as Pakistan, China and Nepal forming its Northern Border, India is the magical fairyland in every traveller’s dream.


5 thoughts on “INCREDIBLE INDIA

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  2. WOW………thats really incredible writing tisha. way to go..
    There s so much to see and discover in india itself….i havent seen even half of it yet.
    This is a brilliant write up.
    keep writing….
    luv n hugs….


  3. Hey Tisha,

    That was wonderful. Do you know it’s the most wonderful site to watch the milky way at 4 am on a winter morning on the Baroda-Ahmedabad speed toll road. While travelling to Delhi, one comes across such wonderful sites.

    Best part of driving to Delhi from Bombay is you get to see the sun rise and sun set on the same day — it’s an experience on its on. I wish you will try out some day.


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