Yes, You Can Make Anyday Special

By Ashish Kaul

Ashish Kaul Photo © gcaffe.comIt was just another day. But I wanted to make it happening. It so occurred to me while in office that the day was getting into boredom. I didn’t know why.

Nothing special could be seen. There wasn’t a place I could feel like going. “Nothing exciting,” I tapped the floor, getting up quickly.

“Should I order a lunch,” I asked myself, continuing, “But, do I need a day to make my day special … I am special … so I am going to make it very special.”

Next thing I knew that I was treating myself to some nice Chinese cuisine; and I turned finicky. What then went on actually lasted for an hour; and with fresh raspberries and strawberries over vanilla ice cream I think I made my day.

And once I was out of the restaurant finishing green tea and holding a toothpick, my spirits were definitely enlightened. I then again told myself – My day is not complete yet. I should squeeze some more special moments into it; maybe not in stomach this time.


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