TeleNation – May God Save Us

By Ashish Kaul

Ashish Kaul Photo © gcaffe.comYou never know what’s coming when you prefer being a couch potato one fine evening. It happened with me last night when I decided I must have tête-à-tête with news television too.

Suddenly I was engrossed in a debate – One was how to defeat Mr. Anna Hazare on his grounds. The second was how to humiliate the nation.

I also felt that witnessing the lower house of Parliament, most of the pension holders of our freedom struggle must want to leave the Earth than continue to watch the spoilsports.

The only people rejoicing at every turn of events must be the news channel heads who seem to be only caring about their TRPs and how to further the cause of their brands at the cost of ‘We The People’.

I would not say it was a sad day for Indian Democracy. Most things happen in our country for good. And as I switched to an entertainment channel, I realized how insignificant the episode had become by then.

Well … almost like a game of cricket when India were going to lose anyway. But somehow it wasn’t cricket being played last night in Parliament. It was a game of chess, where the pawns were being sacrificed to save the queen and the king from both the sides.

I do not wish to suggest anything here; I just want God to save us this time.


One thought on “TeleNation – May God Save Us

  1. True, TRPs determine everything on our television, be it news or entertainment. Though there was a time until few years back when we used to get at least some infotainment – a mix of information and entertainment. Alas, we lack professionals to run these channels! Needless to add that even the TRPs are being heavily manipulated to influence the advertisers. But, then, as the saying goes – as you sow so shall you reap, none of these channels have been able to turn their enterprise into a profiting venture, till date. Worst – their credibility is under stake.


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