One month of ‘Writing My Mind’

gcaffe ~ The GappuccinoWho prepared the table for me and filled my cup as I waited to turn 40? I was sitting in front of my old laptop and on an uncomfortable wooden chair and it was the middle of the night. This time my mug did not have tea or coffee at the odd hour. Soon the dwelling began here at gcaffe as I put pen to paper to share my musings.

“I know the words, yet I seem to fail. I am moving in my seat and raking my brain, trying to come up with something interesting for you,” I wrote on 9th December 2011. Things took turn then in your presence, dear friends. I realized I have come a long way from the carefree days of my childhood. “What am I living for?” was the big question that moment.

The Gappuccino was born at the stroke of that night to Write My Mind. Since then the days have been happier and nights more peaceful with each one of you acknowledging with your understanding and directing my path. I feel honoured this day for you filled my heart with a new wine.

Here’s G thanking each one of you for taking out time and making the effort to hear me out. And special thanks to Ashish Kaul, Rupali Gupta, Saumya Gupta, Tisha Virani, Sonal Mattoo, Bhanu Pratap, Col. Raj Kumar Kak and Neeraj Bhushan for standing by always.

This is the first benchmark, together we’ll see more.

Now, A Quick Recap Of The Posts Till Date:


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lilith says:

    Hello..gosh what a prolific writer you are…that’s great….and amazing variety..
    Thank you for liking my blog…I’m glad you enjoyed it

    1. G says:

      Many a million thanks….
      Thats so sweet of u…..
      thanks for all ur time..
      looking forward to see u more often in my caffe…
      some gud coffee awaits u…

  2. Rarely do I find a blog, or a web portal for that matter, sharing such an impressive number of posts (in such a short span) that are also qualitatively rich and varied. Congratulations!

    1. G says:

      Rarely do we find friends like u…….
      This is all the blessings and hard work of my friends and family.
      Thank you Neeraj.

  3. Giribala says:

    Best wishes for your new blog!! Keep writing 🙂

    1. G says:


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