By Gitanjali Kaul

The Moonbeams By Gitanjali Kaul

Last night I sat by my window

Watching as the moon shone on this world

I was overcome with great admiration

For the moonbeams that danced & twirled

I explore all realms of imagination

Looking for something to compare

To the beauty of the moonbeams

That dance without a care…

And all at once I do recall

The gay abandon of the daffodils…

That fluttered & danced without a care

Under the watchful eye of the windmills

Nature is beautiful to he who sees

With an open eye and mind

I wish that all humanity

Such simple pleasure one day would find…


8 thoughts on “THE MOONBEAMS

  1. BEAutiful poem!!!! i have a question-did u read the poem daffodils by william wordsworth before writing????? it is quite similar- words like gay(happy), daffodils and generally the one paragraph….still amazing!!!! luv urs!! 😀 🙂


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