Hug does not need guts. It's just a hug that says all.

Hug does not need guts. It’s just a hug that says all.

It starts with a hug and ends with another hug.

That’s the way it should be, but alas many a times it’s not like that.

Why is it so difficult to hug someone?

I have wondered many a times in my life. Is it tough to open your arms and your heart and take someone in?

There are so many different types of hugs — like those which you give to your parents full of respect, those for your kids with unconditional love, for your chaddi buddies the tight one…… for your spouse I’m there for you one. And all these convey only one feeling and that is love in all its forms.

People are so stingy when it comes to hugging and I always wonder why! And then there are some mad people like me who would ask for hugs. I have always felt a touch of the hand and a hug says it all. No amount of words can express what you feel as much as a tight hug can convey.

I remember Munnabhai the movie where the hero is teaching everyone how to hug and he calls it “jaadu ki jhappi”. He spreads his smiles and the purest form of love to one and all. Whomsoever he hugs remembers him for a long long time. A good deed done, sealed and hugged. That’s what makes it complete.

It’s true men hold their emotions and build walls around themselves, whereas women are more expressive in what they have to say.


13 thoughts on “A HUG SAYS IT ALL…

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  2. It’s true–there’s so much communicated in one hug. Not many things can compare to it in its ability to comfort, to welcome, to show openness and kindness and trust and love. A sincerely meant hug is a great gift!

    Thank you for coming by my blog–it was like getting a long-distance hug from a new friend!



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