Dreams Corrupted Image © gcaffe.comWhen a human child is born, the grooming starts. The makers think what’s the best for their child and push towards making him/her a better person. The child has a preconceived plan of his life and his talent along with intellect is polished accordingly.

And then they grow up.

In recent times, I met so many people from the age group of 40 to 70 who have not been able to fulfil their dreams and be what they actually wanted to be. They all had stories to tell me about themselves, and for a change I was listening.

Some put the blame on their parents, some cursed fate, some were even worse as they did not have confidence on themselves. Some had genuine grievances against the corrupted human mind which disgusted them and made them withdraw in their lives. Some had seen the pollution so closely that they did not want to be a part of it.

In all these cases, the end result which I found was that such amazing superior intellect and talent was being wasted in petty things. These are few people who could have – if they wanted – change the course of history. But alas!

It saddens me further when I hear them speak and I get to know them better as they are such phenomenal people. If only they had taken time for themselves and made the world a better place to live in by just participating in the making of the generation.

Those who sacrificed their careers for their loved ones don’t value them anymore and have drifted apart… leaving behind a heavy heart full of regret as time will never come back. Many have compromised with the depleting situation and given up on their dreams.

Many tried fighting the system with a strong protest and came out victorious but did not allow the corrupted situation to take over.

In the end, the loss is ours as such glorious and strong willed human beings are few who could have spread so much glory.

I would say a brighter tomorrow is waiting for you. Make it glorious. So leave no effort in trying to be what you have always wanted to be. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled, don’t let them drift apart in the floods of time.

Time is on your side and so am I.


13 thoughts on “DREAMS CORRUPTED

  1. Why is simple faith in oneself so hard for some people to achieve or accept? If even a few of these pessimists you describe would take courage enough to really live, to contribute their wisdom and passion to the world, imagine how much better that world would be! I’m glad you have a much brighter and more hopeful attitude. It’s people like you who will bring about such positive change. 🙂


    • Thats so sweet Kathryn.I have come across such people and i’m close to them but as i said when circumstances take over then they find themselves helpless and give up on hope. Thats the bad part. If i can encourage even one person to awaken i think my mission would be a sucess. Thanks a lot Kathryn for your sweet and encouraging words. g


  2. well written….some how most people donot differentiate between hope and dream.Dreams are bigger than hope and every one should dream continuously, this allows one to grow with fulfillment.


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