I heard a seven-year-old singing, “Hind desh ke niwasi, sabhi jan ek hai, rang roop vesh bhasha chahe anek hain” and then I suddenly remembered. Oh, how much we used to sing this in our school. Our music teacher Vinod Sir would teach us this along with many other songs and prayers.

Kendriya Vidyalaya LogoAn institution in itself called the Kendriya Vidyalaya is where I spent so many good years of my childhood. Every morning, the day started with the shloka “asto ma sad gamaya, tamso ma jyotir gamaya; and in those days we never knew its meaning so in some words it means – Take me towards the truth, light and knowledge.

We would sing, “Bharat ka swarnim gaurav Kendriya Vidyalaya layega, Takshila Nalanda ka itihaas laut kar aayega”… How sweet such memories can be!

Now with the help of a friend I’ve found out that the 1st Kendriya Vidyalaya opened in India in 1967 at Agartala – it was called K.V. Kunjban. And then we never looked back. Today, there are 1086 KVs out of which 1081 are in India and five are abroad.

I had no clue before this that we had KVs abroad too. It is surely very impressive. They are in London, Kathmandu, Moscow, Tehran and Kuwait. There was one in Bhutan too but has been taken over by the local government.

The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is an autonomous body which administers these schools. The Sangathan Commissioner says that they are integrating ICT in education and hence 50 Vidyalayas have been identified for e-classrooms to step up with the technology. Now the Vidyalayas have computer rooms and so the e-content is moving in.

Kendriya Vidyalaya 2, Bhatinda

KV 2, Bhatinda

Our times were different and now after almost two decades we are all doing well in our lives even without the computer rooms. We dwell in the memories which we collected during our youth and adolescence.

And they shall stay with us forever.

I miss my KV 2 Bhatinda (N.F.L) and all my classmates and teachers.


4 thoughts on “A MEMOIR CALLED K.V.

  1. we had best facilities at KV NFL BHATINDA. me too luv this post of u.everybody was so cooperative and friendly.10-12th best time of my life.


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