A typical sunrise in Goa. Photo by Achal R Chauhan

Goa sunrise by Achal

By Gitanjali Kaul

Popular folklore says that the people of Goa are very colourful – fact that is reiterated in the local architecture – especially the colour of the houses. Turmeric yellow stands out as the most popular choice followed closely by various shades of blue and then purple – varying from lilac to grape. Orange & pink are followed by green – from a bright almost fluorescent hue to a deep sap shade.

Give Me Blue - The Govt. Office by Gitanjali kaul

Give Me Blue – The Govt. Office by Gitanjali kaul

Another very striking feature about the houses is the combination of strong colours – seen typically in the contrasting trims on these houses. You’ll suddenly spot a bright blue house with an equally bright yellow trim, orange with fuchsia and my personal favourite – vibrant red trim on an equally strong orange coloured wall.

Surprisingly some of these weird sounding apparitions look pleasing to the eye, but some of them are so loud, you’d want to shut your ears too!

While you feel that the description sounds like a perfect ad for a popular paint company, the phenomenon (nothing describes this peculiar trait of Goan houses better) is not restricted only to houses! In the very heart of the capital city of Panjim, is a serious Government Office painted  in an unmissable shade of cobalt blue with a neat white trim.

I guess it’s true after all… Har Rang Kuchh Kehta Hai!


7 thoughts on “THE GOAN RAINBOW

  1. reading this post reminds me of my wife and our love. PRESENCE OF THINE AS WELL AS SUPREME DELIGHT, O MY LOVE. I LOVE MY WIFE. thank you for this post.


  2. colored houses remind me of colored cities .. white of Udaipur , Blue of Jodhpur and the ocre or jaisalmer.. truelu , har rang kuch kehta hai….


    • You bet Ashish …. there’s no better place than Goa to actually unwind … and in South Goa you can actually leave all else behind ….:)


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