The rocking journey with me!

Man and wife together with some amount of happiness (wishful thinking isn’t it)! Yes it is. But in this case, it was true. There was surely some amount of happiness between the two. The seat belts were tied up and with smiles on their faces they embarked on a long journey on a highway. Soon the smiles were out of the window and a battle took over. The battle of the remote of the music system. She played “I’m leaving on a jet plane” — John Denver swaying with the music, as she closed her eyes and started to drift into the melody; and then suddenly he changed the song and played “I’m on a highway to hell” — Led Zepplin. Oh wow, the jeep was rocking with the highway to hell. And he was zipping on the road. She changed to a love song by Lionel RichieNothing s gonna change my love for u and he changed it to Pink Floyd – “Time” and zoomed.

Ahhh an unending battle everyone is familiar with. I’m sure we’ve all been through this some or the other time in our lives. It’s difficult for two people to have the same choice of songs. In the journey of our lives, at every stage, we come across music in many forms. There’s music in all that we see and hear. But how many of us take out the time to listen?

Travel is in our nature — when is it that we are not travelling? We travel like water in a river, flowing to a destination unknown, finding-n-making our own paths. I’m sure many of you have spent hours watching the current flowing by. But how many of you have actually heard the sound of music created by the river, as it flows continuously to its destination.

Let not music take the back seat, let not people get stuck in the whirlpool of daily chores. Let’s enjoy music.

So here I am sharing with you few of the such best travel songs in no particular order:

  1. Country Roads — (John Denver);
  2. Tennessee Waltz — (Elvis Presley);
  3. It’s my life — (Bon Jovi);
  4. Tequila Sunrise — (Eagles);
  5. Itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini — (Connie Francis);
  6. Cocaine — (Eric Clapton);
  7. Wake me up — (Wham);
  8. River of dreams — (Billy Joel);
  9. Cecelia — (Simon n Garfunkel);
  10. Oh Carol — (Neil Sedaka);
  11. Leaving on a jet plane — (John Denver);
  12. Nothing’s gonna change my love — (Glen Medeiros);
  13. Alice who the___ is Alice — (Smokie);
  14. Last Christmas — (Wham);
  15. Take on me — (A-HA);
  16. Summer of 69 — (Bryan Adams);
  17. Rasputin — (Boney-M);
  18. Time of my life — (Dirty Dancing);
  19. Tra la la la — (The Banana Splits);
  20. Everything I do — (Bryan Adams);
  21. Baba O’Riley — (The Who);
  22. Holiday — (Scorpions);
  23. Time — (Pink Floyd);
  24. Highway Star — (Deep Purple);
  25. Free Fallin’ — (Tom Petty);
  26. Highway to hell — (AC 4 DC);
  27. Black Dog — (Led Zeppelin);
  28. Roadhouse Blues — (The Doors);
  29. Here I go again — (Whitesnake);
  30. Bohemian Rhapsody — (Queen);
  31. Up around the bend — (CCR);
  32. I Want to break free — (Queen);
  33. Sway — (Shall we Dance);
  34. Hotel California — (Eagles);
  35. I would do anything for you — (Meat Loaf);
  36. Suzzana — (The Art Company);
  37. It must have been love — (Roxxette);
  38. Locomotive Breath — (Jethro Tull);
  39. Eye of the tiger — (Rocky);
  40. Annie’s song — (John Denver);
  41. Life is Life — (Europe).



19 thoughts on “The rocking journey with me!

    • thanks a lot……..
      meeeeeee toooooo.ANNIE’S SONG IS MY FAV TOO……
      The minute he starts U FILL UP MY SENSES………i loose all my senses and control and he transports me into a world of love……… its so beautiful.
      thanks for dropping into my caffe…..
      keep reading..


  1. Great list! #3, 7 & 18 are among my favorites. Hubby and I like a lot of the same songs, but he likes old Country songs more than I do. Just tonight, he switched the radio after I made a face at his Conway Twitty song 🙂


  2. Great songs! Like a trip down memory lane! When we leave on a trip, our family sings: “On The Road Again”….Willie Nelson. 😉 Thanks for the visit. I’m glad you did…now I can enjoy your blog!


    • AHHHHH.thanks a lot Kourtney Heintz ….. i super like the term ROADTRIP MIX…..WOW…
      I ve always loved ROXXETTE……It must have beeeen lovvvvvvveeeeeee but i its over now… must have been gud but i lost it somehow……..
      AAnd Take meeeeeeeeeeee onnnn… Take on meeeeeeeeeeee …i lovveeeee it tooooo…
      thank s a lot fr dropping byyyyyyyy….
      have a musical day…..


    • My pleasure Sheila.
      I’ve always been fascinated by flowing water and i always wish i cud see from where it comes and where it ends…..
      The SEA also draws me to itself…… destination unknown… the water travels for years n years n years to come n go…… sees all that changes around…….says not a word…..wave after wave it grows larger than life wen it wants and calms down like sleep takes over …….
      ahhhh ever so facinating…..
      ” A flowing river always take s me with her…….”
      Thank u for dropping into my CAAFFE……


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