Life is simple, keep it simple

Ashish Kaul Photo ©

By Ashish Kaul

At a prize distribution function few years back, a reporter put a question to me – “What message do you have for the younger generation?” Presumably, the same thing would have been asked to different set of people or the dignitaries the journalist must have stood out to.

“I refuse to give any guidance to anyone,” I told him, adding, “At this age, I am myself looking for guidance, how can then I guide. Every one is to oneself.” Suddenly, the five-star banquet hall was silent. I was listening to only my echo in the packed hall with 300 people. It seemed like a déjà vu.

Rest of the speech was all on a personal view format. When I finished talking, for a second, public down there forgot to clap. Suddenly, everyone was standing like obedient students on arrival of the principal. I was happy they remembered to clap a second later.

My view has always been that if I am still chasing my dreams and falling short every now and then, how I can guide others.

A leader has to have walked the path first before cautioning others. I am still in search of a Guru… How can I be of someone else’s Guru? Life is simple. Keep it simple.


8 thoughts on “Life is simple, keep it simple

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  2. I like your perspective. It seems like many of the people around me have advice they think sage. Even I offer unsolicited advice from time to time. Observation and listening is what I need to do most. I enjoyed your post and appreciate your recent visit and “like.”


  3. You wish to be a guru ? Keep it simple ? Very well. Here is your answer: Live so your are never the source of anyone’s misfortune and never pass up the opportunity to perform a charitable act. In this example of living you will be a guru to others and more importantly to yourself.


  4. This is great, just really great. It’s actually how I felt when I became pregnant – HOW can I guide a young life when I haven’t figured myself out yet, and I’m so troubled, etc. Exactly! I wouldn’t want to give advice, either, no, for I definitely don’t feel like an authority on anything.

    And I’m glad the audience remembered to clap! 🙂 Dejavue is so curious…


  5. “My view has always been that if I am still chasing my dreams and falling short every now and then, how I can guide others.”

    I love that sentence, but just remember that even the Guru’s fall short every now and then. You can always say “this is what I have done, and these are the lessons I have learned.”

    Wisdom comes not from the aged, but from those willing to look inward into their souls.


    • Ahh i like the last line….. so true.
      thanks fr ur viewpoint.
      I like the way u’ve written “this is what i’ve done,and these are the lessons i have learned.”
      very well said….


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