The Crossover

By Gitanjali Kaul

Gitanjali Kaul @ gcaffe.comWhen I open a book, it’s like a doorway to a mysterious place – a veritable parallel universe where I am not a reader but an actual part of the book – not just reading the story but living it and when the time comes to shut the book, the action transports me back to this life, this world – leaving a tiny thought somewhere … which is the real universe?…this one … or that?

Is it a possibility, however remote – that I actually live there and am reading a story which transports me to this side?

Who can tell?

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction and it’s true that reality is after all just an individual’s perception… isn’t it?


9 thoughts on “The Crossover

  1. To feel “in” the story, a player in the movie – now that is a great writer. Some books we are glad to finish but others when completed leave a vacuum because we have been entwined with the lives of the characters and now they are no longer present. Friend in print we loved and knew so well.


  2. So True……………………………….

    There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception……..


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