Man, woman and 121 dogs

“Our Dogs Are Better Than Many Human Beings We’ve Known”

g caffé recently came across this very interesting real life story, an act of kindness or should I call it a passion for animals. There are many a stories and many a dog lovers but this one was so unique that it had to be told.

So here it is straight from the dog lover himself – Bablou Shailendra:

“When we got married, I had three Doberman’s at our Khar bungalow in Mumbai. In 2004, we moved to Mira Road (the bungalow at Khar is still there), a suburb in Mumbai. We moved with six Doberman’s and a stray puppy, who had followed my wife home, when she was walking one of the dogs. All the Dobermans expired one by one, due to old age. We started feeding the strays initially from the left over food but slowly began cooking for them too and also getting in orphans and injured strays.

Now there are 21 in the house and we feed about a 100 odd strays in the area twice a day. All (including the ones on the roads) have names, and respond to them.

My wife’s shooting for a serial at Film City Mumbai and there too she has adopted about 10 more dogs. A watchman feeds them, but once in a fortnight she goes to see them. Apart from feeding, all have been sterilized and vaccinated under our supervision. We faced lots of problems by people who don’t like dogs. I have had to spend a night in Kashimira (Thane) police station because of a false complaint only because we have been looking after these poor, homeless animals. Our families have given up on us and sometimes we hear snide remarks like ‘they have gone to the dogs.’

But nothing deters us. We shall continue. In fact we often say that they are a lot better than many human beings we have known, relatives, friends and others!”

g caffé was so amazed by this act of kindness so we thought all of us should know about it. The interesting part is that all of them have names. Can you believe this and all the doggies respond to them! All Hollywood/Bollywood heroes and heroines, from Sean to Shahrukh, Amar, Akbar, Anthony, Paro, Nano, Fluffy, Minnie, Babubhai, Javed, Jeetu, Dharam. Depending on how the puppy looks and which film is running. They have had Rocky 1, 2, 3, 4!!!

Their food is packed in newspapers daily and named too. They have puppies and are all inoculated on time. This must be such hard work to look after so many dogs in the house and stray too. They are more than family now. Three cheers to such amazing dedication of both man and wife. Three cheers for the love for man’s best friend. Three cheers for Bablou and Natasha Shailendra.

g caffé salutes your spirit.


3 thoughts on “Man, woman and 121 dogs

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  2. HATS OFF 2 U GUYS!!!!!!! U ARE LIVING MY DREAM …I HOPE 2 BE ABLE 2 DO IT TOO……Kudos 2 BOTH of u ….the support u guys give each other makes a WORLD of a difference!!!

    thnx geetanjali 4 sharing such an amazing story!


  3. Thank You Gee… the very outset,let me make it known,that major credit should in fact go to Natasha. I love them all too but she is totally dedicated to their cause…..I help…..


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