What Colour Are You This Valentines!

Soft, gentle, beautiful and tender to touch…!

Red Roses © gcaffe.comFragrance that fills your life. Colours unmatchable and unseen before.

In all shapes and sizes…beautifully crafted…

Though can’t say a word but speak volumes…

Can’t walk with your hand in hand but still never leave you…

Comfort you when you need… Lift you up when you are low… Mend broken hearts… Heal souls…!

Make you smile and smile with you always…

They are always there sweet fresh standing tall…

Amazing are their colours, in spring and in the fall…

Soothing is the feel, soft and tender, they touch my soul deep down!

I recently read what all the colours signify and so I thought I must tell you all.

All the colours signify a feeling, like in roses:

  • Red Roses: Love and Passion
  • Peach Roses: Desire and excitement or appreciation
  • Pink Roses: Friendship or admiration
  • Coral Roses: Desire
  • Yellow Roses: Celebration, joy and friendship
  • White Roses: Purity of mind, reverence and true love
  • Orange Roses: Enthusiasm
  • Lilac Roses: Love at first sight and enchantment.

There’s so much one is unable to say and express in words so we take the help of flowers and some music perhaps to convey our feelings across. Many a times though I know that just a look of the eye or your silence also speaks, or the gentle touch of the hand and the tight squeeze says it all.

If you feel you must say, that’s all I want to convey.

So what colour are you this Valentines! I’m all RED. WHAT SAY!

Don’t FLOWERS say it ALL!


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