Falling In Love OR Babies On Mind !!!

The New Study Overturns Common Assumption That Men Are Less Interested In Babies; & Some More Revelations…

By Neeraj Bhushan 

With love fresh in the air, one shows greater activation of brain areas related to parental attachment as the symptoms make one broody, a new study has found. The research published in the latest issue of the ‘New Scientist’, says that babies may be on mind from the outset of a (new) relationship.

According to Ruth Feldman (of Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel), who led the research, “Men may be worried about their partner’s desire for children, and their increased attention to infant stimuli is based on apprehension and the need to be more guarded.” The research team monitored the brain activity of volunteers that included new parents, new lovers and singles as they viewed pictures of infants – including the parents own babies – along with neutral pictures.

Helen Fisher (of Rutgers University, New York), the author of ‘Why We Love’, was quoted by the magazine as saying that “… even though the lovers don’t know it, they are physiologically getting ready to respond to infants.” Does this new study then overturn the common assumption that men are less interested in babies than women. “It shows that we really don’t understand men,” says Fisher.

Incidentally, Fisher has just finished a survey of men and women in the United States, which found that men are significantly more likely to make a long-term commitment with someone they didn’t feel sexually attracted to if that person has all the other qualities they were looking for.

ALSO, Fisher’s survey of 6000 people says that

  • Men fall in love faster than, and just as often as, women.
  • Men are more likely to want to move in and start a more socially visible relationship in the first year than women; &
  • Men are 2.5 times more likely to kill themselves when a relationship ends.

ALSO, in a separate study, Feldman and her colleagues found that falling in love also appears to buffer people from negative emotions. According to Feldman, “there is something about this euphoria of falling in love that is like a protective buffer, so we don’t really respond to negative emotions.” Stating that couples find it easier to form a trusting bond with one another, she said people need a calm state to allow them to fall in love, otherwise there’s no sense of safety.

Suggestion of Paul Zak (of Claremont Graduate University, California) then comes handy, as he feels that love is important and can reduce stress, as during that stage high levels of the hormone Oxycontin  which has calming effects, are probably responsible.

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6 thoughts on “Falling In Love OR Babies On Mind !!!

  1. Fisher’s sample of 6,000 people is fairly large, but I still find it a little difficult to believe that men are more inclined to making commitments than are women. Woman needs security. She is bound to need a committed relationship. Killing themselves over heartbreak can be truer for men, because they have less emotional resilience. A lot depends on the age-group, the social strata, the type of needs each man wants. Is the sample balanced? One could only understand the findings if these points are clarified. Perhaps you have some of these facts, Neeraj? I would be interested in knowing.


  2. 2 marriages and a few live- ins. Bachelor 26 years now. Biggest fear – perhaps another failure. As I am sole caretaker for 88 year old parents, well romance does not seem probable. Ah, but there’s 5 grandchildren, much better deal.


    • hahahhaahahahahahaa…… so sweettttt….:)))))))))))))))))))))…. 5 grandchildren makes u the richest and the happiest…..wow…thanks for all ur time.
      i enjoi reading urs too.


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