From 6 To 15 – Pure Love That It Is


My nephew then (inset) and now…

He was 6, I was 31.

I met him for the first time. Spent five good fun filled days with him. We said bye and we hugged. I told him I hope you won’t forget me now? He then asked me innocently but how will I remember who you are!!!

So I told him just remember, “I am your most beautiful Masi (aunt).” With a smile on his face he said, “Yes, I will.”

Time went by.

Today he’s 15. I’m 39. We met again after ages. And I asked him, “Do you remember me dear?” He innocently said again, “Yes, I do.”

“You are my most beautiful Masi”.

I almost had tears in my eyes out of sheer happiness. This is such a beautiful feeling. Children are gifts from God. They are angels who descend on this earth to make it a better place. Their innocence and unconditional love make we humans realize what we have forgotten in our lives.

Their hearts are so pure and dreams so large. They take the world head on with full energy and fill our hearts with undying love and undiminished happiness. When I look at them I forget all aches and pains and they engulf me in their love. They give my life a purpose and a sense of complete desire of doing my best for them.

Does this happen to all of you… or is it only me?

I think this is pure and innocent love between two people. So from now onward spread your love and make this world a better place to live in. Radiate in the glory of love and shine in your laughter. Give and get love in abundance now and forever.


2 thoughts on “From 6 To 15 – Pure Love That It Is

  1. oh I loved this. I will see my granddaughter for the first time since 2007. She was so little when my other son and I moved out here. When I get to talk to her I ask her does she remember me…she always says yes but I am not sure.


    • Awwwwww……thats so sweet…… im sure she ll recognize you
      She loves you more than u know granny….
      Let me know when u meet her ..
      till then sending u some hot and comforting coffee……


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