We might be 40 or 70 but we always carry our childhood with us. So true, just today I was chatting with a close friend who narrated a small incident which I would like to share.

How do you shave - Do you use an electric shaver. Illustration © gcaffe.comOne fine winter morning a man aged 57 was using an electric shaver to shave and my friend who is 45  was looking  at him while he shaved.

Now that’s odd as there’s nothing new about shaving with an electric shaver. Isn’t it? So I got a little more curious and he continued in a child like voice.

“At 45 I was taken back 40 years in time as I had a flash of my grandfather who in those years used to shave with an electric shaver and I was not even 5. I had never seen an electric shaver before so I asked my grandfather many a questions. The machine did petrify me then and I still am scared to use it.”

He had a softness in his voice when he remembered and narrated the whole story to me. And so he went on and on with a sweet smile on his face as a whole lot of innocence surfaced behind those tough facial tissues and muscles.

Such is the power of good childhood memories which we all carry with us all the time. And It is also said that the songs our mothers sing to us while we slept in our childhood goes with us to our graves. Umpteen  times so many incidents take us back many a donkey years and bring a sweet innocent smile on our faces and happiness in our hearts.

We must thank the Almighty for giving us such nice and sweet memories.

And I thank my friend for the smiles.


3 thoughts on “CARRYING CHILDHOOD SMILES – Razor Sharp

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