• How important is fantasy in our lives?
  • How many of us fantasize?
  • How do we fantasize?
  • What do we fantasize about?

All these are secrets which we never disclose to anyone and are unable to decipher.

Fantasy is imagination when extravagant and unrestrained. It is the forming of mental images. It is imaginative conceptualizing maybe wondrous or strange or even sexual. So says the English dictionary.

I couldn’t agree more with this definition. We tend to fantasize about things we cannot possess or obtain in real life so we have visions about them and many a times it does lead to hallucinations. It is also a conjured up series of events which fulfill a psychological need which may be physical, sexual or emotional.

One can fantasize about flying a plane or maybe a train engine or just touching the clouds and coming back. They can be simple or very complex. Some do have super natural fantasies of unnatural events or characters.

However the most popular and wide spread fantasies are related to love, sex and romance. I heard somewhere that 90% people fantasize about others while making love. Don’t know though how true that is! On second thoughts maybe their fantasy is way better than their reality. Some of them are positive and some can be negative too. Past experiences in life can result into images which stay with us and we are unable to let them go. Some needs which cannot be fulfilled in reality are mostly fantasized about.

Romancing your loved one when, where and how creeps in your imagination. It could be just a tight hug, or a kiss, or a soft touch which lingers on your soul. Romancing in the green fields, holding hands and walking under the blue sky on a soft winter morning in an orchard, or just lying down together for hours hand in hand on a brown cot made of rope in a village. The village smell pouring in your nose and the soft breeze in your hair makes you want to cuddle up.

Lying down under the night sky and gazing at the moon with songs on your lips as sleep evades you cleverly. Your loved one in your arms whispering sweet nothings and a song in your heart on moving wheels are ecstasies fulfilled. In such moments you live the most memorable span of your life. And these fantasies take you away from your daily rubble of broken fragments.

You become unrestrained and release yourself. Sometimes they are heavenly and sometimes they are surreal. Each fantasy fulfills a need like a supposition  which is based on a dream or a want. They are whims and fancies brought to life.

Some fantasize about simple things in life like riding a bike and zooming away or maybe just sleeping for a long long time. Others fantasize about being wild and wicked. Whether its simple, complex, ingenious or a fanciful thought, day dreaming or hallucination – it’s what you have been wanting deep in your soul.

It is about having a mental image and bringing it to life. A vision one has on and off which you can’t get out of your mind. Some people carry fantasies from their childhood to their youth up to their old age. Some are lucky enough to fulfill them in this lifetime.

And here I ask –

So, are you the lucky one?

And your answer should be “YES I AM!!!”


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