You see her + She sees you = Love Happens

I do | I do.

I Love You | I Love You.

and then…

Oh please can you not just stay quiet!

You don’t feel anything for me anymore.

You have ruined my life.

Aren’t these familiar words? We all hear these sometimes or the other. It has become a common story in almost every house. How strange it is, as time passes by, love and romance go out of the window and resentment and mistrust creep in slowly slowly and the best part is we don’t realize when along the way this happens. One fine morning it seems that somewhere down the way we lost ourselves. I know you all identify to what I am saying.

So are marriages really made in heaven is what I ask? And if yes then how do we get to know which one is made for us? And if this is the special one then why does life become hell?

With the changing times the definition of marriage has changed and so have attitudes. Earlier people got married for different reasons but now the reasons are different. Good or bad I won’t say.

You see her + She sees you = Love happens.

Sometimes instantly and sometimes gradually. But love does happen and that’s what matters. And then life takes off on a smooth road and the best times begin.

Some happy people call it marriage. It’s sacred and pure. It’s the gentle beginning of a journey which awaits the storm. The event in itself is so beautiful. Long flowing white, gold, red satin, flowers, cakes, wines, champagne, delicacies, friends, family, and all the works needed. With a whole bunch of blessings one gets married to their loved ones.

Then the routine takes over and after a few years one realizes that one is lonely and then creeps in the rest.

What exactly goes wrong? Do we pause a bit and even try to analyze? Or we just like to blame the other person for all that goes wrong! Do we take out some time to look back and see what is that we missed out and why?

A marriage gives us a companion for a lifetime and that completes us. We are never alone. Even if you want to be alone you can’t be. There’s someone to share our joys and sorrows. Someone to have a cup of coffee with. Morning breakfast and early lunches are special as you have someone to sit with. Candle night dinners and dancing cheek to cheek, a quiet walk under the sun, a swim in the cool sea, making foot prints in the sand, reading a book on a cozy winter afternoon, pulling up a meal together, saying cheers with tinkling of glasses, gazing at the moon all night, sharing the music you like, driving out on a road with no destination in mind, a packet of popcorn in a movie, and my list is endless. All this is fun as you have someone you love to share with.

If you have done even two of the above then you have done good. So think over what and where and when did things start losing themselves. Don’t let the routine sink you and your heart with heaviness. Step out of the rubble and start picking up the loose ends. It’s not impossible.

It’s never too late to try and save yourself as that’s what you will eventually find.

Yourself and a happier yourself.


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