COFFEE – Soulfully Divine


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This has been my motto all my life, well almost all my life

A warm black liquid drops into my throat and I close my eyes as it drips down to my food pipe. A deep breath follows as it goes further down into my soul. (Ah I can see all of you taking a deep breath…hee hee). And so it colours me in its colour as I close my eyes and let the aroma take me with it on a flight. It is instant gratification on unchartered skies.

And then I can see clearly the way beyond the clouds of despair. All cobwebs wash clear and I charge ahead with full energy. AAAhhhhhh such is the divine effect of caffeine in my blood.

The best part is that I am not the only one who feels this way. There are thousands like me all over the globe.

Is this an addiction? Oh please don’t answer that….!!!

Today I dedicate this post to the human being who discovered Coffee. For he made so many human beings happier and just more contended.

And so I spent a few hours in search of the origin of coffee. I found out that it goes back to 1598 and was called Chaoua.

Coffee derives from the Ottoman Turkish Kahve and so comes Caffe. The Turkish Kahve originated from the Arabic word Qahwah which means a type of wine. It was extracted from berries of a shrub. The main species cultivated are Coffea Canephora and Coffea Arabica. They are mainly found in Northern Kenya, South Western Ethiopia and South Eastern Sudan. A few years back Brazil was the leading producer of green coffee.

The beans are hand picked when at the peak of ripeness, fermented and dried. This green coffee is then roasted. A process which influences the taste of the magical beverage. Caramelization happens in this process due as the high temperature of heat breaks down starches in the coffee bean and so it gets the dark brown colour. And simultaneously aromatic oil starts to develop and acids break. So it creates Caffeol at around 200 degrees C and this aromatic oil is what gives coffee its aroma and flavour. Then it is vaccum packed and served hot to drink.

All the coffee houses have mastered the art of presenting coffee as ultimately brewing and presentation is what counts. What stimulates the human brain is the caffeine content in the coffee bean.

There are a few stories relating to the origin where they say that 9th century goatherder Kaldi, discovered coffee. And a more interesting story of Sheikh Omar who is said to have originated the coffee brewing process, in which he chews the berries to calm his hunger pangs but they are bitter so he roasts them. Then they become hard so he boils the berries and so is formed a dark brown liquid which when he drinks that rejuvenates him to a large extent. So that’s how he took it to the Arab countries

September 29th is celebrated as the National Coffee Day. Isn’t that awesome!

coffee at gcaffe ~ The GappuccinoThere are lots of controversies and arguments relating to coffee resulting into headaches. Though no results are found yet but I feel coffee helps in reducing headaches to some limit.

Irrespective of all this I am a die hard coffee fan so I will always support the goodness of coffee.

Here in my caffe, I present the most temptingly aromatic coffee for all you coffee lovers who drop by every morning, evening, many a times at midnight for the best coffee all over the globe.

Here’s to all of us and that one special human being who brought this brewed beverage coffee which is divinely sinful into our lives.

A Million…….Billion…….Gazillion thanks.


9 thoughts on “COFFEE – Soulfully Divine

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  2. This is what the Coffee Board of India – an autonomous body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry – has to say about COFFEE & itself –

    “The Board serves as a friend, philosopher and guide of the coffee industry in India. Set up under an Act of the Parliament of India in the year 1942, the Board focuses on research, development, extension, quality upgradation, market information, and the domestic and external promotion of Coffees of India. ….” and blah blah…

    Hey, G… why couldn’t they say so beautifully, as you put it here…!!!!!!!!!!!


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