Where is love? Make it or break it ©

When will he live his fragment?

He may cut himself and bleed all over but she’ll still not trust him.
He’ll surrender his soul but she’ll look for more.
He gives her his youth but she’ll not look upto him.
He’ll lie down beside her but she’ll hang him in cobwebs.

What must he do!
Till when
Love is not all that what counts.
Does he have to prove his love every day, every hour, every minute, every second?
When will he live his fragment?
Then, is this love?
He asks himself every micro second!

In recent times, there are so many I have met who go through a situation like this. Why does it end up like this? Why are people jealous and suspicious? Why is there a lack of trust in a relationship which otherwise is doing well? Why do people keep track of those whom they love? If this is love, then what kind of love is this?

Sadly, I fail to understand.

Isn’t it the story of each house ! Doesn’t everyone go through it daily?

You give your love, respect, time, affection, care, attention, consideration and yet you are not trusted by the one and only person whom you so tenderly love. You sacrifice all that you love and want in life, yet what remains are your empty hands. Why this lack of trust and respect between two people who are meant to be with each other for a lifetime?

Have you ever pondered over this? Is there something wrong which you have done to create suspicion? Or to lose your respect? If your answer is yes then you need to rectify it and if your answer is no then it’s time to move on. There’s no time for hatred and mistrust in life. Life is short. Break all rules and live your life with happiness.

TRUST and RESPECT each other and your love shall reign for centuries to come; and as Kathrine Hepburn said, “If you obey all rules, you miss all the fun.”



  1. Wow ! Very intense ….. I think the trick is in loving someone the way they want to be loved and not the way you want to love them.In the shifting sands of the mind and heart it is a constant dance of change….. one out grows a true relationship only when it makes us do something against our basic grain OR we stop growing / changing together…. Just my opinion


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