Why Me – Do u think so also?

By Ahmed Ata Khan

Questions Of Life © gcaffe.com

Since time immemorial, each one of us is asking this question, to ourselves, or to God.

Popular variations may be:

1. Why me?

2. Why did it happen to me?

3. Why didn’t it happen to me?

4. Why couldn’t have it happened to me?

5. What was wrong with me?

6. Why is it always me?

Sounds familiar?

Each one of us tries to blame our misfortunes on God.

Why did my bicycle have to break down just before the race? Why did it have to be ‘that’ question in the paper that one which I had left? Why wasn’t I older than my sister? Why did my mom have to be the ‘plainest’ of all the moms in school? Why did dad have to go bald so early? Why does mom always check exactly the place in my cupboard where I hid my magazines? Why did dad have to meet my teacher outside the school to discuss me? Why did it have to rain on Basant day? Why did the girl I ‘liked’ have to be interested in my cousin? Why did I not be as tall as my brothers? Why are all my friends richer than me? Why was I not admitted to the college my friends were going?

You all must be smiling by now, as all of us ask some of these questions and / or more at all points in life.

But for once, have you asked the same questions in another perspective?

Why me?

Why did I have the most understanding, if not smart, parents of all my friends?

Why did I get fresh lunch when I reached home, just because my mom was the only ‘non-working’ mother among my friends? Why did I always get help in homework from my ‘elder’ sister? Why did my teacher tell my father about my good behaviour when he met him outside the school? Why did my mother just throw away my magazines, quietly, and not embarrass me in front of my siblings? Why did I get to save my kites for the next 8 weekends just because it rained on Basant Day? Why did I get the best girl ever, just because mom liked her? Why was I spared an army recruitment just because I was short?

Why did I have to go to a ‘cheaper’ college, only to meet the best teachers in my life !!!

Why me? Why not me?

Change your perspective. ‘Love what you want’, not ‘Want what you love’.

Life is too short for ifs and buts. God has chosen the best for ‘each one of us’ and He certainly knows better. Let Him decide and let us enjoy the good things in life.


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