HELPLESS – Him or me.

By Gitanjali Kaul

It broke my heart!

I tried to look away, to avert my eyes from his trembling form. I was afraid to look into his eyes – knowing I couldn’t do anything to help… afraid he’ll know that I didn’t do anything to ease the pain. As he lay there…people around – looking on but no one came to his aid. He had a pleading look in his eyes, his tears rolled down and mixed with his blood.

I was a bystander, being held captive by the growing traffic around.

I couldn’t stop my car…

I couldn’t get out and even help pick him up… make him stand on his feet.

I wanted to … so much … but beyond that, had no idea what to do…

Where could I take him? Would the doctor even attend to him?

No one around even knew his name – did he even have one?

I slowed down… along with other cars… prayed to the Almighty to ease his pain one way or the other … said some straight-from-the-heart words out to the motorcyclist who had rammed into the poor innocent soul in his hurry to reach home.

Who cares for creatures like him? Do they even figure in any one’s count?

Within an hour he will bleed to his death…  alone in the dark … no one to even cry over him… another one of God’s beings whom even He forgot?

Life for us will go on just the same… we will be stuck in traffic once again tomorrow but he won’t be there … no more attempts to cross the busy road … no more fear for his life …it’s already over… before it began?

In a world where humans’ lives don’t count …who would have the time to mourn the death of a roadside pig?


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