Long Live Newspapers — I Just Love Their Smell

Its strange how some habits follow us where ever we go…

Mid-Day and Mumbai Mirror, two things that would start my day!!!

But do we ever stop for a moment to think how much effort goes into the whole process of getting the news to us every beautiful morning?

As I was thinking on this line I saw at 4.30 am there were people on both sides of the road distributing papers from their bundles and stacking them up on their cycles. And the speed was commendable. They got me thinking.

New devices and applications seem to have changed the way we read news today. Yeah, it’s 2012 and many new gadgets and news aggregators have already become popular.

“How do I read news?” This question suddenly popped up, as I read an advertorial on news applications for mobile download.

Television — No, I don’t watch much. Mobile – No, never. Internet – rarely. “Oh, I love the smell of my newspaper. Don’t I?” I then told myself. Aaaaaaaaaah!!!

“Early morning newspaper vendors do so much hardwork, wow. What would we do without them!!!” I was then pulled by my inner core to put this as my status on Facebook. And there were so divergent views, my God!!!

I know most of the newspaperwalas leave home at about 4 in the morning but there were complaints from my friends that they tend to get their newspapers actually at about 7 a.m. “My newspaperwala is a lazy boy,” said my friend Namita and her pain was echoed by Neha as well.

To my suggestive wall status that asked what would we do if the newspaper vendor does not turn up in the morning, there was a flat tight reply by another friend Kiran who said: “We would read news on the internet.”

Just today, the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism reported that 27 per cent of Americans get news on their smartphones or tablets. So…here you are Kiran!!!

Neeraj, another friend, said, “(The newspaper vendors are) one of the first visitors to our house. Salute to them.” Sagorika also shared my view that these guys actually put so much hard labour, as she said – “Now that you mention, they really do…never thought about it.”

Where would we get the freshness…crisp…OH! How wonderful it is to flip through a newspaper. Can you get that feeling on the Internet?

In 2012 – THE PRESENT DAY – people do flip through NEWS on the gadgets too as some applications suggest, one being Flipboard that facilitates news reading on the iPad; and people also share news content on the web with their contacts with the click of the mouse. But how many times do you read such recommended news shares?

Undoubtedly, even today, newspapers come cheap and are affordable for any person anywhere in the world – despite so so many people being involved from news collection to newspaper delivery. And since Internet penetration and its spread is very very dismal in India, newspapers would continue to be the main source of news to its billion people.

Also, do you know that India remains the second largest newspaper market in the world?

Yes, I know new technologies appear to be increasing our appetite for news in the modern digital world. But I also know for sure that my love for newspapers and their smell would remain forever.

Long Live Newspapers and the Newspaperwalas!!!


7 thoughts on “Long Live Newspapers — I Just Love Their Smell

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    • Ya must be………but from the other side the view is different Sheila.
      Every morning as I open the pages I carry the smell with me of the crisp paper.
      And there are many like me …….
      But you are right as u work there so u see it day and out….
      Must be a different point of view…
      Thanks a lot………..


  2. Loved reading your thoughts G! Like news papers, I love the smell of money too … crisp new currency bills smell so so good! Now that I am thinking of smells, I used to love the smell of new text books in school. I think that’s all I did all my school years is ‘smell’ the books … can’t you tell … the aroma was so good, it consumed my brain and there was nothing else left in it 😉
    Thank God for technology, at least I can read now without any ‘smell’ distractions! :))


    • Haahahahahahaa……that’s a great one……..Kiran i love the smell of money too…..the crisper the better…hahahhahahaah..and text books ……writing pads…. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH basically paper in all forms…………hee hee….!!!


    • The smell of ‘new’ books is getting rare, and I totally agree with Kiran too in this regard. Great article G. Another smell which always made me sniff again and again was the smell of new shoes.


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