In My Den With Me and Myself – I write

By A Music Lover Who Chose To Remain Undisclosed

I play the guitar…

I see the years go by…

I am home…sorted out…

I pull out my finest red watch…

Watch some music DVDs in my den with me and myself…

And then I WRITE…

I’m a common man totally up my street who grew up and is still growing up with music in my ears. But HEY! They don’t make Guys like me anymore.

At the age of 10-11, my mother requested my soon to be brother-in-law to drill some sense into my head and encourage me to study harder. He thought of introducing me to “Time” and made me hear the song repeatedly and to write down the lyrics. Once done, he made me hear it again and again till I could sing it without seeing the lyrics. The lyrics made so much sense and that fired me further into music. Imagine what would have happened had I smoked a joint and then heard this song.

Subsequently, I started hearing myriad music and either the music or lyrics or both would latch on to my soul and stay stuck. Even today, I remember the lyrics, the music notes from several hundred songs I may have heard years ago as though I heard it only yesterday !!

Music has been an exceptional ingredient in my life. It has normally set the pace, tweaked my emotions, has exhilirated me to great highs and has perked me up during my lows. It is my constant companion in the car, while working in office and at home.

When accompanied with beautiful lyrics, the magic and potent combination of both mesmerizes me and I slip into a different world. Now with the video enhancements, I also get to see the performers, the glint in their eyes, their body language, the beauty and appreciation for music only intensifies.

I have heard western music from a wide spectrum of genres and since I used to play the guitar when in school, it kinda honed in the appreciation and distinction in various kinds of music !

And I love them all. But today I choose to talk about SIMON AND GARFUNKEL.

Boxer – A song I would love to watch live by Simon and Art being totally stoned. Notice in the beginning how Art races ahead and misses the cue and then Simon smiles. They have peace and tranquility written all over their faces when they play such wonderful music to the absolutely awesome lyrics.

I really haven’t seen any other duo who are so “into singing together” and their voices are pure magic blended in one another. Later on during the song when they sing “after changes upon changes, we are more or less the same” Simon smiles towards Art and the crowd roars.

Art later on realizes the significance of the line and the appreciation of the crowd and then puts his hand around Simon in acknowledgement. Also love the slight fluttering of the summer evening breeze over Simon’s hair.

Another brilliant song by the duo is America –

I love the introduction wherein Simon thanks all the sundry (Ed Koch – Mayor, Parks Commissioner) etc. and then “recognizes” people who don’t get noticed and thanked. Like the guys selling loose joints and them donating half (love the American twang when he says “half”) their proceeds towards the concert.

America is a song with such random yet such powerful lyrics which have been knitted together about observations while travelling in a Greyhound bus across America.

You can virtually imagine yourself travelling by train/bus and keeping yourself enthralled and happy with such simple things. It also shows how one could travel with a small child (the man with a gaberdine suit is a spy) and make the journey FUN !!!

Unfortunately, these simple pleasures are getting lost out and so is the travelling in a ‘slow coach’ mode.

The masterpiece – This is one of the lesser heard versions of Scarborough Fair. The canticle, which has the seconds being sung, are overlapping so beautifully with the main. If the lyrics are read really carefully, you will notice there are 2 stories going on simultaneously. Set in the Celtics, its about a soldier going to war and yet leaving behind a love note.

It’s difficult to decide which is better and also what to call the ‘second singing’. The lyrics, the melody which bring about the pain and fear of losing a loved one and the lingering sensation of emotions truly brings a tear to the eye. Of course, the simplicity of the lyrics, yet the profound implications and the manner in which they have been ‘weaved’ together really brings out this song from the bouquet of Simon and Garfunkel !

Music is to be nurtured, treasured and dealt solely with an open minded passion. Allow the mind, body, limbs, heart and soul to ruminate when you hear music and you will realize it will reverberate and the tingling will resonate in practically all aspects of your life !!

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