I am not blind – I have chosen honesty

By Neeraj Bhushan

Honesty Is The Best Policy © gcaffe.comI have a vision. I can see. May be, that is why — I am honest. At times, my such honesty and integrity are challenged by the herds. Some indefensibles also attempt branding me as their likes. Jibes and darts are then thrown from behind the veils. But, I escape unhurt every time and take turn to live well. Then, my living well is also detested by those who think I am avenging. Wish I could rewind time to improve the society we live in, to cleanse the polluted minds. I don’t want that the weak should continue to rule while we powerful are left to stagnate and suffer. Our enemies hide behind false fronts, I know. But I also know – I am loved more for my honesty.


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  1. Thanks Sagorika. I have also gone through your posts. You also write well. Keep sharing. Thanks again.

  2. Sagorika says:

    Neeraj,excellent writing…well chosen words

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