A hot love affair


Every boy’s dream machine.. Every man’s ultimate obsession

It starts early, YES it does, Very early in fact.

Royal Enfield Rider - The Proud Bullet Motorcycle Rider © The Gappuccino

A Royal Enfield ~ Bullet ~ Rider

The boys at a very early age get attracted to the machine — be it a bike or a car, and then the obsession of riding or driving takes over. This feeling carries on and on till every breath.

The macho might get ultra busy in their lives and wives but the affair between their machines and them does not get over. The speed takes over, the thrill exhilarates and the fear of death vanishes. Such is the passion of the machine and the man!

The want of taking the machine to some far away place all alone and the thrill of riding the winds is the ultimate passion for any man. Okay, there might be some exceptions I have yet to come across.

I was young when I saw this ad of the BULLET machine which then targeted the common man and was to be seen in many a places.

And so I wanted to ride it. And I did. O what a scandal it was.

But the thrill got me there and then and I fell in love with the machine. Then I tried all the Yamaha, Hero Honda and the Bullet. What a thrill.

Then came the others which I still haven’t laid my hands on but would love to one day.

All the boys drool over the Ducati and the Harley’s. Some possess and show off too. Ohh what a feeling it must be to possess one of these devils.

For some it is a sport they want to play all their lives and for some it is a passion. But ohhh how the machine lures them all is to be seen by the eye and felt by the thumping heartbeat.

For some it is a forgotten dream which they would love to relive one day. For some it is like their first crush which they will never forget and for some it is a dream come true.

And the latest as I see now. I still feel the urge to hear the engine roar and the power to take over the roads  and fly to horizons never seen before…..winds never felt before….. skies never touched…..dangers unseen and fears unknown.

…and did I hear that seasons have taken a toll.


5 thoughts on “A hot love affair

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  2. As a kid I would always feel like flying, while sitting on the petrol tank (which used to be my permanent seat) of my father’s Bullet. My brother would be generous when he would allow me to seat at the back. I still remember one of the vehicle numbers – BHF9515.

    Oh I was so excited when I grew to the extent of starting the machine, to be able to kick-start every morning though with the risk of leg fracture each time. And I kept on kick-starting the two Bullets, without any accident every morning and the sheer fun came to a halt only when I was sent to the boarding.

    Of course, my Dad and Bro would not give me keys to kick-start just like that. Then I had to ensure that their machines sparkled and stood spotless when they would come down for the ride. I was their ‘unpaid’ cleaner (sigh).

    Today, I cannot own a Bullet – (for my mother has restricted me and I can’t ask why) – but I do see every Bullet (that passes by) with a kid’s eyes and visualize as if it’s I who is riding and I also feel the sound and the smoke from behind…. phat phat phat phat phat phat phat… with my two hands commanding the solid steel handle of the great machine.


  3. There is also a link between men and their tools. Father is 88 now and we recently moved and finally gave all the tools away. Hammers and wrenches and power tools and shovels – all gone now. We both feel such a sense of loss. The tools were a part of us for so many years. They had our magic in them and probably won’t function as well in the hands of others.


  4. I must be a man in disguise in that case …. Would love to own a harley davidson ….. ;-D And the sound or a ferrari starting can definitely set my pulse racing ….


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