A Sunset, Me and The Minar

Oh how reluctantly I dragged everyone to see the Minar.

And how hot was the Sun that afternoon and I forced the gang of adults and kids to the Qutub Minar. They made faces and wanted something cold to drink and wafers to eat. As we entered suddenly they were stunned to see the beauty and the magnificence of the towering Minar.

I walked through the whole thing like a ritual and was happy to see everyone enjoying. Then I gathered  the whole gang and hurried them home as the strong afternoon Sun was getting to my head. They were now reluctant to leave, but I pushed them out.

Then I suddenly turned back for a last glimpse and was stunned by what I saw. The setting Sun was merging into the red stone structure and – “Man Oh Man…What a View It Was.”

I stood glued to the walkway and was unable to move my eyes. Oh now the Sun really got me.

The view was so breathtaking that my feet walked all the way back and I could not stop myself from capturing what I saw and believe me what I did capture is not a patch on what I saw!

The SUN looked at me through the stones, the gates, the minars, the odd left out few ugly structures which are incomplete, the leaves, the green trees, the brown branches, the windows, the parapets and the ledges.

It looked as if it was POSING for my camera and was asking, “Am I smiling?”

Oh how much I talked to the SUN And how well HE posed for me!

So the rendezvous carried on…

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