Top 10 Hindi Songs – 2011(PART–1)


and we present in 3 parts for you to enjoy

Movies come and go every year…….Some leave a mark behind and some fail to…. Some reach out to us with their outstanding music. In the past year many such movies left behind with us such amazing soundtracks that it is very difficult to choose between them. In no particular order just following my heart I try to do justice……………Please feel free and send in your inputs.

Let me share with you the Best 4 Songs our Hindi Film industry gave us in 2011, the one on the top being: ‘Aankhein band keejay na / Doobne lagey hai hum / Saans lene deejay na’ from Saat Khoon Maaf. This Vishal Bhardwaj film [Feb.2011] with exceptional music in this song, written by none other Gulzar, scored over many many new lyrics and songs that gave it a good competition throughout the year. Take a look –

Now, this song from Tanu Weds Manu [Feb.2011] definitely deserved the second rank on the pedestal. See the lyrics – ‘Vaise to teri na mein bhi / Maine dhondh li apni khushi’. Here it is – Mohit Chauhan’s almost intoxicating chanting-cum-rendition of nothing but love in this number, written by Rajsekhar, is simply superb. Please also note the final lines in the song below that say, ‘Kitne dafe mujhko laga / Tere saath udte hue.’ Oooooooh!

Moving on… this power packed song of Mohit Chauhan & A R Rahman with lyrics from Irshad Kamil, ‘Sadda haque ithey rakh’ from Rockstar [Nov.2011] See this: ‘Rivaazon se, samaajon se / Kyon tu kaate mujhe, kyun baante mujhe iss tarah’.

Rockstar: A fabulous film though it did not do very well at the box office did give us a few chartbusters like “Tum Ho” and “Kun Fayakun” which are record breakers.


KUN FAYA KUN which means ‘BE’ AND ‘IT IS’…..

The whole verse goes like this “Originator (is He) of the heavens and the earth; and when He decrees a matter to be, He only says to it ‘ Be’ and it is.”…

How beautifully said in the Quran and superb lyrics by Irshad Kamil. The magic by Rehman along with Javed Ali and Mohit Chauhan created a chartbuster in 2011 and rules till now.

And he sings—–

Woh jo mujh mein samaaya, woh jo tujh mein samaaya, Maula wohi wohi maaya…..

Sajda savera mere tan barse, Kajra andhera teri jaan ki lau,

Qatra mila jo tere dar barse… O Maula…

Here it is——“KUN FAYA KUN” from Rockstar…….

To be contd…………

gcaffe thanks Neeraj Bhushan for his efforts.

Thanking you for your Inputs

Thanking you for your Inputs.


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