A Cause They Choose To Serve


What does this picture say………!!!!

Today I’ll be short and to the point. I went to this hospital and saw this view. This is the waiting area at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), popularly known as ‘Medical’ in the Indian capital city New Delhi.

I was aghast when I stood there trying to push and walk ahead with a patient on a stretcher through this human sea. It was a horrendous view and I had to swim through this to a room at the other far away end.

Oh Gosh…….!!!!!! How terribly horrifying it was…………!

Then I somehow managed with some help and did manage to reach after a struggle ……. a few screams…. few abuses by others…..many a million pushes… a few smiles (by me obvoiusly) ….a few thank yous too (yes little kindness is still alive) …..!!!!

I was feeling partially disgusted and partially sympathetic towards those who were waiting for their turn…….Thank God or maybe I should thank the hospital for the fully working strong air conditioners.

All these people had been waiting for hours and did not know how long would they be waiting….some faces were gloomy…some hungry…some ill..some in pain…some had anger…some were cursing the system…some were sleeping…some consoling others…some serving…some somber..some crying….some just plain and simply bored..wow. Every face had a story to say only I did not have the time to read and the patience too (as I was at an edge trying to push my way through all of them) with kindness.

And when I finally arrived at the doctors chamber, I took a deep breath…………!!!

The first question I asked the doctor was — “How do you manage so many patients, so much chaos and yet how you smile?”

What the doctor said changed my whole perspective……!!!!

The Doctor said, “I have chosen to do this and I serve.” That was astounding. I somehow never saw from that point of view as I was so obsessed with my own discomfort that I could not see what they were going through.

And I came out and passed through the same sea of humans and read the stories all their faces were trying to tell me with a smile on my face and compassion in my heart and the desire to alleviate their suffering.

Is there anything we can do to serve? Do we have the passion and the energy to do what so many others who serve do? Though we have compassion and desire in our hearts but is that enough? Do we have the stamina, the will and the strength?

Many a people do as I saw the other day and have been seeing. Maybe one day my name will also flash in that list of ordinary people who become extraordinary by their deeds.

I dedicate this to their extraordinary vision which takes our country places and makes them worthwhile.

My Salutations ——



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