By Ashish Kaul

THE date today is not important…

…What is important today is we have today to live

Ashish Kaul

Across the road I went to pick up ice-cream cups for my grandmother. While paying the change, a small boy with covered head and bleeding lips came over to the ice-cream counter. He was accompanied by an intuitively helpless father.

“What is wrong with his health?” I inquired. “He has brain tumor,” he said, while happily offering his son the ice-cream of his choice.

And the little child (apparently 8 years of age) was more than happy to collect his gift. I was told he could not be operated upon, as the tumor was at a difficult position. Hence he had only few months to live.

This passage is not for me, as what I have learned today… It’s for the father and for the son who have lived today.


Across the memory bylanes, what I recollect has always been a source of high motivation value to me. Memories are a part of life for an individual.

Some are fond memories, while some are very fond. However, I would like to evaluate the period when one tends to reach an age or a situation when a person is unable to recollect one’s fond past. With no memories to recollect, it would be very difficult for an individual to live.

However people do live in old age. With symptoms of Alzheimer’s and various other medical names. How do they go through the journey of life without remembering or recollecting their far or immediate past…!!!

Do they reach a kind of vacuum where nothing matters at all. Or do they reach a spiritual high, where needs are not important any more. As written in the Vedas for certain cultural cults: “I am your everything“. Where the Supreme suggests that he is your father…brother…air…fire…ultimately do not feel confused if you leave them as supreme is within one self.

I would be very interested to find out that stage where desires are no longer in existence and needs are not important. What goes beyond that is something I would like to find out. However it might be beyond a life cycle to achieve such a level of existence.

People of various cultures talk of such a level of nirvana. However, my interest is not in achieving nirvana but to know about the other side of the nirvana tunnel and be able to come back to my side of the tunnel, and live a normal life with fond memories.


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