& Something DEEP inside was SINGING

As it starts — Hun huna hun huna hun hun huna… and I am held captive, mesmerised.

SHE — In a simple cotton saree, red bindi, sindoor, white and red bangles, hair tied in a plait…

HE — Not so handsome, tall, well-built, beard, naughty smile…

Together… they sizzle…singing: Sometimes Bitter ~ Sometimes Honey ~ Sometimes Soft ~ Sometimes Hard… Gosh!!! I recall this song from Hindi film ‘Yuva’ (2004) – originally titled ‘Howrah Bridge’ just when it’s the day when I had met my man – 15 years ago. This song – a Mani Ratnam-A.R.Rahman’s magic creation – has supersonic effect on me.

Watch it to believe how dance dances, more so….when it’s the love dance. Let all look at you… you just dance… with the moon and the stars being the witness… as your pleasant fragrance flows… enjoy… and you don’t have to be a trained dancer to perform… enough hints… now just dance and play… Hun huna hun huna hun hun huna…

Kabhi Neem Neem
Kabhi Shahad Shahad
Kabhi Naram Naram
Kabhi Sakht Sakht

Mora Piya ~ O My Love

Nazron Ke Teer
Mai Basa Hai Pyar
Jab Bhi Chala Hai Wo Dil Ke Paar

Lajja Se Mare Re Ye Jiya

Boiraagi Man Tera Hai Sahibji
Mere Seene Mein Hai Quaid Who Ab Jee
Preet Ki Raakhon Laaj Aye Mere Rabji
Ruswa Huyi To
Duniya Hasi To

Lajja Se Mare Re Ye Jiya

Shondha Ki Ye Laali
Mukh Chamkaye
Sondhi Sondhi Khushboo
Man Behkaye
Zulfon Ki Raina Phir Kyun Na Chaaye
Chaand Sitarey
Dhekhenge Saarey
Lajja Se Mare Re Ye Jiya……



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