Salvation — Want Or Greed


By Ashish Kaul

Fengshui is very similar to Vastu in the Indian subcontinent. Many a years back my fengshui expert had suggested making a wish list. This list is like a nice point wise list of what you want in your life or I suppose what you wish you had in life. I presume on completion of this list one plans to achieve salvation.

Few times a thought did occur to me… Is the wish listing going to be on the basis of my desire or want… or will it be on the basis of my deserving it…! Well, the expert had already left for the term after the settlement of the payment.

Now so many years later, I have another query… as the list is more or less complete; most of the wishes have been granted.

So… do I wish for more or do I feel thankful to the Almighty for fulfilling my dreams and wishes…!!!

There is no answer to my questions. Humans are a breed which are never satisfied.

More we wish more we get. There is no doubt about that. But then again our wishes expand.

What starts as a small habit … then … turns into a bigger greed. Every individual is to one self, there is no competition actually. If humans are like any other species, one might study there is no competition between a cow, a buffalo, a tiger, a lion, a horse or a mule.

Some might not agree with the comparison, as man is to be a superior being. Actually it doesn’t matter because I am not debating man’s status here.

My motive is simply to verify from someone… should I be making a new list or should I be content with the first list, which has been fulfilled…!!!

One might suggest it’s up to me, whether I am happy or not. Well, even before I was quite happy and let me assure you I am still a happy soul.

Do enlighten me someone… when the salvation level is achieved…!!!


3 thoughts on “Salvation — Want Or Greed

  1. Very well articulated Ashish, rather I would say, very honestly written. After reading your post even I find myself thinking about it. But as I think more about it, I don’t see any wrong in increasing my list or expanding my list as you put it, simply because as one grows in age, grows in life, one’s desires change, so the list will definitely change.
    So if I am allowed to change and expand my list I would, but as you have said, I am daring to articulate it further, In all your lists old and new, without being explicit you listed “Being Happy” as your quintessential or omnipresent wish. and you were granted that.
    Great Post !!

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  2. …sometimes…as they say…life is too short & wish list too long. somehow…however…i feel like a complete man…with nothing left in the wish list…thank you GOD, friends & family. and truly, thus, i keep smiling and feel so content. it was pleasure reading this post. wonderfully expressed.


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