When Children Make Rules


A 12-year-old boy came home worried and thinking… as he had to write some paragraphs in the school the next day… on ‘If Children Would Make The Rules’.

He had then some brainwashing sessions with his mom and her intelligent friend… that calmed him down. Suddenly he was at his imaginative best as he started writing on a piece of paper… some such thoughts are quoted here:

“I would first change the spelling of RULES and call it SELUR.

“I will change all the names … why a table be called table! …why not call it a chair! …let’s rename chair as bench!

“Why does 1 come before 2, and 2 before 3, and so on? Why do we have schools?

“Why do we have to get up so early and sleep early too?

“Why can’t I play all day?

“Why can’t I drive at this age?

“Why are there so many do’s and don’ts?

“I would love to change all this and together we children would change the world. But I know … if we children make rules we would mess it up so bad that it is better that our elders make the rules. But given the opportunity to make rules for the children, I would apply my mind and reason and from whatever experience I have in my 12 years I’ll try to break rules rather than make rules.”

Well after reading, hearing him… I was wondering … what he must be feeling… what all must have been cooked, fried, tossed in his growing mind in a flash!

Generally it is understood that children are to be mere learners, and this is planted so deep in their minds that they just keep learning even when they grow up. This deprives them from being thinkers, inventors and scientists or excel in mathematics.

I’m not against learning but are children really capable enough… mentally and physically …of  grasping what is thrust upon them right from the time they wake up with a slam on the back till they are made to sleep at night with a shove.

A child often feels that he has no say in his life. How frequently do you try to find out what your child wants? Even bigger question is — Should we give in to their demands of and on, both reasonable and unreasonable! Should we at least question the present education system or let it be as it is?

People are still very orthodox in their thinking, though they boast that they are open minded. Tell me how flexible are you to accept changes in your child’s behaviour?

The new generation brings in a whole lot of change and so the elders resist it. The child… from a young age …is forced to many a things which the elders think is right and very strongly too. And as I write this, I’m informed that there is a new list of things that the children would like to make and break… and here it goes:

Allow junk food.

We do not go to school. Okay if we do have to go then there should be only one period of studies and rest for playing football and other activities.

Vivan Kaul ~ who narrated this post.

We should be allowed to hear music in school.

There should be a period for gaming too.

There would be no electricity cuts.

No office — No college.

And on top of all this he said, “I love my school… just a few changes would be good.”

If  given a chance to change one thing… the 12-year-old said to my surprise: “I would transport all the garbage to another planet where it would vanish… so our Earth would become clean.”

Am I impressed…………!!!


3 thoughts on “When Children Make Rules

  1. Well reasoned and sensible message here. It is a real problem as some parents enable children to make the rules by capitulating to that constant whining. With any success kids get better and better at it. A parent must be firm with “no” yet not be completely inflexible. In 33 years in the class room I learned that teens have a great deal of sound judgment, a profound understanding and commitment to fair play and a solid understanding of right and wrong. Empowering teens in peer counseling , student conflict resolution court, and student government have valuable results both in promoting harmony in the school and training them in adult life skills.


  2. Thanks visiting my blog and liking the poem ‘ARGUMENTS’. Children think out of the box, in their thinking there is no jealousy, no malice, no biases, their thinking is based on purity of mind. If all like these pure minded souls, we shall make this planet a place worth living.


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