By Sagorika Bagchi

Sagorika Bagchi

My sweet little sister wrote to me and the last line she said was “Reply soon”….

And … after more than a decade…

I sat down to write a letter to my sister who lives in Delhi. The opportunity shone when I had to send an album to her — It so happened that she does not have an access to Facebook (wow… unbelievable but true) and she wanted some snapshots of our family.

Believe me guys, it was really tough getting the pics printed. It’s not that the photo shop was far or I did not have vehicle to go there… but downloading the pictures in the pen drive, taking them to the shop, giving the specifications, going back again to pick the prints… GOSH …!!!

Oh goodness… it seemed that I will go mad.

But for my dear lil sis, I had to do it …!

Then there were the extra tasks like buying an album, filling it with the snaps, buying an envelope to send it etc … etc … God, I felt soooooo lazy.

Really, gone are the days when clicking pictures was done only on rare occasions… birthdays, marriages, travels and so on. Only when the “rolls” were printed would we be able to see the pictures.

I still remember those days when I pleaded G to send pictures so that I can get a glimpse … it was difficult to stay away from my best friend…

The same goes for letters… messages had to be thought of patiently, written beautifully, sent promptly and replies were patiently awaited. I don’t know whether internet is a boon or not… I miss those old days when people had time to feel their sentiments and share them… and not share whatever gibberish come to their mind. How times have changed and people too.

It’s like “we should think before we speak”.

Virtues of patience, love, respect were understood and felt. It actually brought people much closer and happiness was not a momentary flick.


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