The Legend Unknown – Prof. K.N.Kaul

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Some Legends Last Forever

Starting a journal today – a promising series wherein I will present excerpts from the life of the renowned scientist and botanist Prof. Kailas Nath Kaul.

As I share his work here at gcaffe, you shall get to know him better with some of his research in abridged versions, in plain non-technical texts for easy understanding. Let us start with a very simple question today as he answers…

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Can Milk Induce Sleep? 

Sleep Induction – A very common question that everyone discusses and perhaps asks or answers quite often. But do we really know why and how?

Prof. Kailash Nath Kaul © The Gappuccino ~

Prof. K. N. Kaul

According to Prof. Kaul –

A glass of warm milk is perhaps the best known of all folk remedies for curing insomnia, but old wives tales are not the only evidence for the value of milk as a sedative.

Milk contains a bio-chemical agent that may help the weary drift off too. The agent L-Trytophan is an amino acid essential to the body. The amount in a simple glass of milk is not itself sufficient to induce deep sleep directly. But L-Tryptophan with soothing warmth and, not the least, a belief that milk will do the job – and together they can all add up to a ticket to the land of the nod.

One of the things for which the body uses L-Tryptophan is to make Serotonin; brain chemicals that research has suggested might be a key link in the mechanism that triggers the onset of sleep.

Serotonin is secreted by neurons to the reticular activating system, located deep in the brain. This system controls the level of activity of the whole central neuro system partly and regulates it too.

The lower portion of the reticular activating system is thought to maintain the brain in normal state of wakefulness. And insomnia has been linked to the lack of the supply of serotonin into the system. Thus conversely, an extra supply of serotonin may assist in restful sleep.

So…  When are you planning to start taking a glass of warm milk for a good sleep! Or would you still prefer reading a guide to evaluate and manage any sleep disorder. Hope you would settle for getting enough sleep to smile the next morning and every morning day-after-day. It’s a fast-paced world. Keep shining after a restful sleep.


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