For the writer in me ~ I write…

Touching Lives & Spreading Smiles

Touching Lives & Spreading Smiles

Million Dollar Question


all those whom I know

[again again and again]

WHY  DO  I  BLOG … !!!

When I wrote in my first post exactly six months ago – on December 9, 2011 …  that … “I have higher mountains to climb and deeper oceans to swim” … I had no idea how high and how deep would I venture! Many a hazards I had to face and many a occasions I did celebrate… I guess that’s the way life goes on … and this is what makes you stronger. So I Smile, Today.

In these six months – that we complete on gcaffe today as on 9th June 2012 – one question which I’m asked again and again is — “Why do I blog?”

Now, do I have an answer… !!!

Blogging is one thing which just happened one fine day and I sort of developed a liking towards writing on and off. Me … someone who has never written before … (though I had this secret desire to write or to be able to express myself well … maybe a little more in poetry and some in prose …) have never been able to write and have always taken help from people who do write.

Never could I sit at a place for long … was so restless … and always on the move … would scroll the television remote 24 hours … sing … dance … gossip … coffee with friends … ahhhh … and so much more. Writing was somehow never my cup of tea … and the same me now writes and that is all that I do now … I just simply blog.

It is such a wonderful feeling when I am asked: “What do you do?” And I simply say: “I write.”

It was just another day … a fine day … when all of a sudden … I was blogging … bizarre as it may sound but until then I had not actually ventured deep into a blog. To be truthful, never even seen one. I had just heard that a few celebrities were blogging. But, then, my laptop was refusing to get any younger and my wooden chair had also gotten rough … Hee Hee … !!!

Touching Lives & Spreading Smiles

Touching Lives & Spreading Smiles

I, though, was bubbling… I wanted to write… I wanted to connect… I wanted to share. And when I was told, ‘Let the words flow’, nothing could stop me… nothing did stop me… (well…! Almost nothing).

I started writing my mind… I thought of sunrise, I thought of sunset, I thought of so many things that happened between the sunrise and sunset, and so so many things also did happen between the sunrise and the sunset. And I thought, why not then start writing about everything…!

I realized how much I missed this feeling of content which such writing gave me in life… It seemed my secret desire to write was somewhat coming to life… I started pouring my feelings… I started to learn how to pour out my feelings and ideas in words… and the sentences formed.

I did not know I could but I did write… I started writing. I started writing with my heart and my soul.

Also, I started asking friends and acquaintances to contribute to my blog… I did encourage them to write too… as now I feel that there’s a writer in all of us… We just need to polish it up a little bit and mould the words to show them the way. And surprised I was as so many people really reached out to me and wrote exceptionally well. And that gave me a strange satisfaction.

It was also the time when I was approaching my 40th, and I wanted to make a new beginning… though I was directionless and pretty clueless as to what and how… and then… a blessed friend introduced me to blogging for which I am extremely thankful.

And I found that slowly and gradually I was building a community and was communicating with people in a different manner… The topics I was writing on, broadened my reader base… I started having followers. People actually started liking my write-ups and posts and comments started pouring in. In between, my biggest accomplishment was to complete 90 posts in 90 days, which was hailed by all those who subscribe to my blog… all those who read and all those who are my dear to me. And today in 180 days I happily complete 180 smiling posts.

Yes, an impressive number of people have subscribed to my blog posts… I am enjoying blogging as I have been able to build a good audience. I am also taking up causes and writing on almost all aspects of life. I am pleased to share that many a posts here are initiating discussions among different communities. I am also engaging with fellow writers and photographers, by visiting their blogs, liking their works and commenting there.

Even when I am running against time, I respond to the issues fellow bloggers take up… I even ask the fellow bloggers to assist me in improving my blog from time to time, without any hesitation. There are many a blog ideas that I pick while visiting fellow bloggers.

I know my writings and blogging are not solitary endeavors – it is participatory, there’s whole community, the world involved in it and I am glad I am engaging them.

Blogging has also taught me so many things — I feel I am a better person now. I am communicating in a better manner. I am more confident while doing anything. I am asking questions from people and answering them as well. I am glad I started blogging. I can see life more clearly. My thinking process has improved, there’s more clarity in whatever I am executing.

I am telling people their stories, the stories that they must know. I am also always on look out for things that would catch peoples’ attention. Earlier I used to see movies just as a movie goer, and now when I watch, I write, I review, I judge. Life seems to have suddenly brightened. The pictures that I take from my mobile have suddenly started speaking thousand words.

Every day when I publish a post, there’s a satisfaction, a deep sense of content…

The world is visiting me and I am so glad I am connected to people, majority of them unknown; but who knows how closer we stand today…

And as I write this, I know I am not alone. And can I thank WordPress enough for providing me this platform…

Touching Lives & Spreading Smiles                   ~G~

Touching Lives & Spreading Smiles

As I open the gates and recall… what follows is the opening of a dam full of water gushing down with full force…

Yes…!!! It did destroy what came in its way and made way for the words to flow without seams.

Seamlessly did I flow all the way… Leaving behind many a things… Some happiness and some sorrow followed me, some important things and relationships I left behind… some new strings I attached…

With this new weave I let the words take me to new horizons and stitch a brand new world for myself.

Yes I am in a new world of blogging. Yes I do Blog … For the writer in me.


9 thoughts on “For the writer in me ~ I write…

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  4. Its a Fantastic read and Kudos to you for touching vivid topics. Writing is a catharsis of soul that can delight as well as leave a lump in throat just like a movie.

    I look forward to your posts & hope that you can give RK Lakshman and Guy De Muppasant a run for their money as far as topics are concerned.

    Cheers & Best Wishes


    • Oh I’m overwhelmed Aks… Many a thanks for such kind words. Please keep reading as I keep pouring out my heart and mind…
      Cheers Xman..


  5. I am happy to note the varied subjects you’ve touched on during this short and successful journey. Not many can do this. Not many could do this. Congratulations. This is a feat. Cheers!!!


  6. My blog will be 2 years old July 31. It has been time well spent. There are about a dozen folks I,ve met in the process and I think I would enjoy endless hours under a cool porch just chattering away and sharing the depths of our talents and experiences. You blog is time well spent.


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