The Sunlit Room


Gitanjali Kaul

Gitanjali Kaul

Gitanjali Kaul

Summer is here – warm, bright… in fact hot, harsh & blinding.

A difficult time for all of creation. Yet a necessary evil – these selfsame hard to bear harsh rays of the sun are just what’s required to mature crops… another example of one person’s pain being another’s gain!

Notwithstanding, I write not about the unbearable heat, but about my sunlit room.

Every daybreak… as night draws to an end, the room too shrugs off the dark cloak, making way for the joy & mirth of dawn – the first rays of hope, a new beginning , a brand new morning…

As I step into my sunlit room, I see the magical play of light… how it makes the leaves on the trees outside extend into the room… in the form of shadows!

And then the dance commences. The prancing breeze outside sets the rhythm and leads… the leaves follow like a perfect partner – waltzing & pirouetting in harmonious accompaniment… all the while the dance is being reflected in my room via the silhouette of the leaves.

I settle into my favourite chair and all at once I am a part of the ballet. I can even see the shadows reflected on me … and with every peep of the sun’s rays through the cluster of leaves, it seems like I’m dancing too…

Soon the household will wake up and it’ll be time to attend to chores… this morning will mature into day… but for now, I sit back and let the morning ballet wash over me… envelope me… here and now… in my sunlit room…!

The Sunlit Room

The Sunlit Room


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