Writers Write What They See



Today, a wise man told me: “Writers do not merely write. They write what they see.”

Well… as they walk down the road of life, they capture moments and pour them out on paper… Some do a good job and touch our hearts; some just float at the surface. I always feel there’s a writer in all of us… some express while some are silent.

Ajay Saxena

Ajay Saxena

I discussed this with my friend Ajay Saxena who said: “To understand  a person who is a writer or an author, or to gauge his personality through his writings, is a difficult task. In his writings, he explores and creates numerous characters with different shades and personas but he himself remains a mystical identity.

In reality, the term AUTHOR in itself places the person in the league of esteemed and knowledgeable  people of the society and that is the reason why this question is raised as to how to identify the most capable and worthy of the title AUTHOR.

To find answers to these questions, we need to work on  few aspects of writing.

Mc’alle, somewhere mentioned  that – for every single line of his articles, he would travel 20 miles to get the inspiration for it. So according to this statement, he should have travelled thousands of miles, looking at his numerous articles. But in reality it was not feasible for him, yet his statement cannot be denied. Though Mc’alle is not listed in the top authors of English literature yet his statement gave an insight to a matured and responsible author.

A wast majority of new age writers are hurled to a single article and are contended by seeing their articles published in a magazine or publication. For them to accept the old theory that a good article requires years of analysis, study and patience, is void. The reason behind this delusion is our limited knowledge of writing.

Calling oneself an author and writing 5-10 articles and bashing in its glory is similar to a child who is delighted in carrying a wooden sword and thinks himself to be a warrior.

Human beings exist on this planet since ages, and with years gone by the human intelligence has grown tremendously. They have explored in various fields like science, art, tourism and technology etc. This guided knowledge and experience has laid the foundation of our better tomorrow. But if we fail to capture these historic and major developments, we will be deprived of all the benefits that we can gain from it. Hence the foremost aim of an author is to expand his experience.

The truth about Mc’alle’s statement lies in the fact that he himself put in great effort to understand and analyze every little details he expressed in his writing.

The second most important responsibility of a writer is to look at the various incidents happening around him through a different angle and present it to his readers.

As said ‘Literature is the mirror of the society’ and to prove it a writer has to be very sensitive and very prompt in his activity of capturing the exact picture of the society and reflect the same essence in his writing, which requires him to have an open eye to all secret developments.

Writers on the move

Writers on the move

A common man feels and experiences a lot of new developments throughout his life but is unable to express them when it comes to writing. Hence an author plays a major role as he grasps the essence of the topic and expresses them into words. So now it’s the time to improve the image of the authors.

This is a call from the society and nation that an author needs to do justice in his writings by assembling the different colours of life like happiness, sorrow, agony, pain, sacrifice… etc… together and present it to his readers in a manner that leaves an impact on their inner soul.

Only then will he be seen as a great writer as an inspiration and role model to everyone.”

Gcaffe adds:

As Bertrand Russell put it very well … “The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.”

As we grow we learn and if we can write about it and spread some knowledge, who knows tomorrow we might turn into writers. The major advantage of we being in this techno savvy world is that we are able to reach to so many people through our writings… Unlike good ole’ days when book reading and writing were restricted to a certain number of people… So many writers then could not reach out to people…  Only some made it big then…as the rest disintegrated in the spinning wheel of the busy life they led.

So read… write… and spread the light of knowledge. Are you game!


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