“She” Divine




Fate had willed it and time had stamped her arrival in his life.

She had come in his life as the only solace and last thread of hope not that he was not an optimist.  Gifted with blue eyes, she at first was puzzled, smiling, at times crying in delight yet many a times raising a ruckus and with a voice that could melt even the hardest rock on earth.

She was his first love unchained and simply dramatic feeling to happen in nothing less than melodramatic fashion as though life had orchestrated the best of the symphony for the tempest that his parched soul and body withstood.

Over many nights under dim lights, he had spoken to her animatedly for long hours explaining how much he loved, what all trials and tribulations he had undergone and that he was glad to have finally found her. Those were also the times where each teardrop of his was like waterfall. Their relationship had strengthened and blossomed day after day, year after year as she understood, comforted and loved him more than he could have hoped for.

Strange are the ways of love as they had found paradise in each other arms and heart. Yet on days when blues held upper hand, he would retrieve in shell with a drink in hand often replying in affirmatives or negatives and simply nodding as he feared a twist in the tale was in the offing and as though it was an inevitable chapter thrust upon earthlings.

It finally happened!

The passage of time ensured she explore the worldly ways as usually happens and she was more than glad to accept the change.  Out of nowhere and as though it had to happen, the second man had impressed upon her and this was a divine experience that was unparalleled.

She had taken her chance and as she spared time and thought on this experience, it dawned to her to that this was indeed love albeit a different plane.  Suddenly, it all seemed worthwhile – the four seasons, the sunshine, the moon, the long walks with hands clasped tightly under starry nights encompassing hearts melting with soft gaze of each other.

He was in love with her innocence, simplicity, elegance, her each expression that facial muscles could demonstrate, that wave of hand and twirl of fingers when bidding goodbye. If he was the wood, she would be fire, when he was the spring she was that blooming flower; all in all complimenting and holding on to each other not only in greener pastures but also in leaner patches. Their union was a testimony to their undying faith in each other as they had found love!

If only sand could have been reversed at our whims and fancies in hourglass tube, we would all be masters of fate, so he thought who had been besides her for majority of seasons and for a single reason – Love.

She had been calm, composed as ever, decked with lovely flowers and listening to renditions of both men. The weather was muggy despite having rained steadily as couple of pair of eyes looked on expectantly as though she would anytime offer an explanation.

Irony had flooded the face of first love as he stood like a statue carved out of a giant rock with eyes hardened and staring blankly.  Grief was written large on second man’s face as he mocked her for cheating and unexpectedly deserting him.  She had chosen stony silence, much unlike her nature at the extent of being labeled indifferent.

Thereby hung a tale unexplained authored by time unexpectedly.

Realizing the futility both men turned to each other, hugging for a long time, patting and trying to comfort each other in vain knowing that both had lost their love, and away they went after she was laid to rest today for one had lost his daughter, the other his sweetheart.

As she flies
As she flies


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  1. Men and women,in general(Irrespective of their relation) see the world through completely different perspectives. You brought that together… A wonderful write-up… For once I can say that Yes, Men can understand & express women’s silence…
    Looking forward for more…:)

    1. Hi Ankita,

      Thanks for the read and kind of you to say so. Yes you are right, perspectives differ.

      Will definitely try to write some. There are many in pipeline, but some sort of weird laziness is preventing to post. 🙂


  2. Pixie Khangura says:

    Don’t know what to say Akhil. It is such a moving story. Love stories don’t make me cry. This is a tragedy which leaves the reader hanging onto the one they love for dear life !

    You’ve written it with the bravery of a man and the honesty of a woman. For only if you know the two sides to each one of us…..can you write a wholesome tale.

    1. Hi Pixie,

      Thanks for the visit and your kind comments.

      Yes, you are correct – I have tried to showcase love from standpoint of a woman and man. Essentially, an aspect of love between a man and his child and that of a girl and man.

      If the story moved you, then I consider my purpose as ‘served’. 🙂

      Thanks once again!


  3. Anu says:

    Wow! How touching! Beautifully written! You do have a way with words…will be reading more of your posts now.

    1. Akhil says:

      Thanks Anu for your visit and kind comments.


  4. The only consolation is the they have each other so the grief is not held alone.

    1. Dear Carl,

      Thanks for the visit and your comment.

      This is purely a work of fiction. That said, in time of grief all we need is someone’s shoulder to rest our head and hang on to. No man’s an island.


  5. Simply amazing piece filled with emotions of all kind. Marvelous effort bhai.

    Reading the story and actually living with it is all together a different experience, what you’ve been able to successfully put in brilliant words & phrases. As I understand the story to an extent, it was bit easy for me to read through and equally empathize with.

    We”ll have a further conversation on the same over the phone line and also will add more to this comment there 🙂

    1. Dear Nikhil,

      Thanks for the read and comments. This is a work of fiction and bears no resemblance to any person or event whatsoever.

      That said, this was a random story that had cropped up in my mind and I just happen to pen it down.

      That said, the idea was to present readers with emotions a father undergoes in bringing up his child and the love and affection that he has for his kid. That is the reason why the story of the girl’s betterhalf is understated to an extent but not left off completely.


  6. jaya says:

    Hello Akhil,
    First of all many congratulations to you on your first blog. Needless to say it has turn out to be an excellent one. When I started reading it I litrally took it as a tale of one woman and two men, and the story seemed just too familiar to me. And just when I began to think- alas no one can fathom a woman’s heart for she is always in search of that utopic true love, i get the shock for the two men turn out to be partners in her loss. I was taken aback and shocked, felt a lump building up in my throat. And then I realized what is this amazing feeling called love. We all feel, we all know words but converting those feelings in words in a way that others could also undergo same emotions while reading those words is a talent, a gift that almighty has betowed you with. God bless you and keep it up. Looking forward to your next post

    1. Dear Jaya,

      Thanks for taking time out and giving honest feedback.

      All I would say is that, Love makes one more human, and the loss, a Saint.

      I am just trying to write and express, nothing more, nothing less. But all credit goes to the owner of this blog, without whom I would never have penned down these modest expressions. Allow me to introduce you to Mrs G aka ( @TheGappuccino ).

      Thanks once again for your kind words and I hope to carry on writing as and when possible and will surely share with you.


  7. deep says:

    Oh Boy .akhi..to say that im impressed would be an understatement. The expressions are beautiful…understated..yet so intense and so sensitive. You got a talent buddy..a huge talent. where on earth were you hiding it till now? Looking forward to some more from you..way to go !

    warm regards


    1. Dear Deep Sir,

      Thanks for the visit and your kind and generous comments.

      To be frank, I do not deserve any merit, but full marks goes to the owner of this Blog, for if she had not asked me, pestered me or coaxed me, I would probably would never have written this piece.

      This write-up is purely fiction, but the emotions are non-fiction.

      The idea was to present the much misunderstood concept, jargon called “LOVE in a different context, that from a Father’s and lover’s point of view. Considering the length for readability purpose restricted me to describe emotions on a more subtle level.

      The other idea of writing this was to celebrate LOVE- the Win, the Loss, the Gain, the Pain.

      I sincerely hope you liked it!


  8. saramosier says:

    This is so beautiful

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the visit and your kind comment.


  9. Lovely! Sad, and I understand the grief of the father, having gone through it myself.

    1. Akhil says:

      Dear Sir,

      Thanks for the visit and comments.

      All I would add is, the ones who left are perhaps happier and at peace than the ones left over here.

      I’ll pray for peace.


  10. sweta says:

    Lovely !! nice read really !! straight through —–»HEART !!

    1. Dear Sweta,

      Thanks for your comments. Straight from heart or not, its for readers to decide/judge. Since you have given verdict, I’ll accept it humbly.

      Once again, thanks for the visit and sparing your valuable time.


  11. rakhi says:

    Speechless…very well written Akhil…twist in the end was really good and unexpected…keep it up :))

    1. Dear Rakhi,

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the idea was to keep the user guessing till the end and tease their imagination. Glad you liked the write-up. 🙂


  12. G says:

    WAY TO GO AKS………………….!!!!!!!! I’m impressed by your communication skills………Super Like…!!!

    1. Thanks.. It is always nice to get back to people who spare their valuable time and visit us or the blog and drop comments. The idea is to let them know that their views are appreciated.


  13. “If he was the wood, she would be fire.” Wow! I want more from this author, knowing well that it is not easy to ‘feel’ love and also ‘express’ it. Enjoyed thoroughly the wave of emotions.

    1. Dear Neeraj Sir,

      Kind of you to visit and read this post. Assured that in future too, I would be writing – hope to touch some social issues as well apart from writing fiction.

      Yes feeling and expressing love are different ball games. Hope I was successful in touching some chord in you.

      Thanks once again for kind words and encouragment!


      1. Cheers! Glad.

  14. milly says:

    I want to read it again and again . Love , the emotion you defined it so well and it left me thinking and with some tears .
    Will read it again and again to feel more depth of it.
    Great work.

    1. Dear Milly,

      Thanks for the visit and kind comments. I tried whatever I could to put down the emotions in the best possible way. Again it’s just a try as I believe that some emotions are simply out of world and words.

      Thanks once again and Happy Reading!


  15. Beautiful..

    1. G says:

      Thank you so much… keep visiting…cheers

  16. Richa K says:

    Touching and emotional narration. Everyone has an untold story. Some share it, most dont. Also life is harsher for some than others. And again, some grin and bear it, most dont.

    1. Dear Richa,

      Thanks for the visit and your comments. This story is purely a work of fiction. Any part of this story resembling people or event is merely co-incidental.

      That said, all of us have a story lurking somewhere within us. It was an attempt to present to readers the varied emotions that two people undergo in different roles, the beautiful experience called Love.


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