The Jet Ski, Penang & an Indian Wedding

And I fly international for the first time in my life…

My First View Of Penang

My First View Of Penang

Can u imagine how excited I was… Yup just like a kid. We fly in a biiiggggg aeroplane and I luckily make a friend on board and time flew … As we land I so look forward to the wedding I was going to…

Penang As I drive in...

Penang As I drive in…

Penang greets me with some fresh air and I smile.

My first International trip and a grand wedding … Ahhh Boundless happiness…

The serene sea shore

The serene sea shore

And then I start clicking pictures capturing every moment as I drown in the serene beauty of beautiful Penang.

I am speechless as I see how clean the city is… How quiet and peaceful… and I am also shown the spots where the tsuanami hit some time back… No signs of any devastation though I could see anywhere.

And then the grand Indian wedding takes over the coming 4 days and I make new friends again… I dress up and shine all over and reveled in the festivities. Danced till 5 am and champagne flowed…

The Night Market

The Night Market

I sneaked out to the night market all alone in a strange town where I knew noone but felt so safe somehow… And shopped till I could hold no more. Walked and walked as it started to drizzle… Oh what fun I had all by myself… Sneaked back into the wedding for some more fun.

Next day at noon I went for my first trip on the sea… I went Jet skiing… With a lot of confidence I sat alone on the Jet Ski and started the engine …. Wrrrroooooooommmmmm… Well it was as easy as it looked and so I thought… As in ventured deep into the sea the thrill and the excitement was at its peak… and then I looked back…

The Jet Ski... Wrrroommmmmmmmm

The Jet Ski… Wrrroommmmmmmmm

OMG… Humans were like ants and I was scared as a rat. The handle of the Jet Ski refused to turn back and I could not apply the brake… So deeper into the sea went my Jet Ski… I have never been so scared in my whole life as I was at this moment. I was unable to turn the Ski back towards land so I tried to controlled my speed and then I stood stand still in the middle of so much water…

Goodness me… what a nightmare it was… Crossed my fingers and started again slowly and then I could not controll the speed … Hee Hee… The Ski hit the sand and almost ran over a few… What a relief and then I took a deep breath… Phew…. Hee Hee…!!!

What a thrilling experience it was… Ohhh I so wannna go back…

The Beautiful Mandap

The Beautiful Mandap

The next day the most beautiful Mandap (the place where the Indian Weddings take place) was set up in a garden under a tree on the beach … the breeze was gentle and March it was… Blooms all over and greens overshadowed. So fresh in my memory lies every moment…

And then with heavy footsteps I dragged my feet to the airport and headed back home … and click more pictures as I say bye to my friends, family and the beautiful Penang.

So Many Memories I carry As I Leave

So Many Memories I carry As I Leave


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