A Blessing Called Life



Manjit Pahuja

Manjit Pahuja

Manjit Pahuja

I do not sulk ,I do not cry,
Life is a blessing,
Give it a try.
I don’t complain, I don’t fear
Life is a blessing,
Don’t shed a tear.
I spread smiles, I spread happiness
Life is a blessing

I believe in kindness…

I let my soul absorb the peace…
The peace that was always within my reach…
I let my soul fall in love with the divine power…
The love that was always within me…
I let my soul be content…
A feeling, when happiness is a desire…
I let my soul to feel nice…
It happened only when I thought wise…
I let my soul to be my friend…

I realized it was a beautiful beginning with no end…!

Life A Blessing

Life A Blessing


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