the ‘us’ has rained… on the us…

Jeasbe Gurjeet Singh


as each drop that fell from the sky, when it rained

i saved them all…

some on my cheeks, some forehead

and some on the loose ends of ‘your strands that clung on’ to me….

~the lonely one that kissed in submission, my lower lip;

I inhaled it inside me and it became a part of me

so much like me, so much like you…

!! ~the ‘us’ has rained on the US !!~

– Just My Unwritten Words –

 In Reply to :


Tender words we spoke to one another

are sealed in the secret vaults of heaven.

One day like rain,…they will fall to earth

and grow green all over the world.


Simply Inspired by this awesome Pic of Neena Singh clicked by Jessica Singh



This post first appeared on ‘Voice From Another Planet’.


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